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    A few buttons that should be introduced.

      Turning off New Maps.


      I pretty much hate about 75% of the DLC maps. Quite frankly, I feel robbed. The only reason to even get the Season pass was for the weapons and the Mask, however, now you can buy all of that a la carte


      The only way I can play the "Shipped with" maps, is to get with a friend who doesn't have the new maps. However, playing alone, I'm doomed to rage when the map choices are "Behemoth" and "Pharaoh".

      I can't remember which ones, however, a few past Call of Duty games had a "Turn off new maps" type button. Helped when you didnt feel like playing the new ones.
      Also, you should be able to turn off all MP music. it's very distracting and definitely gets you killed during clutch moments in SD and SR.



      Just my two cents!