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    Can someone help with season pass please?

      hey all,

      so my problem I'm having is,

      i have recently brought the season pass for ghosts, every thing went fine downloading to xbox etc. the problem I'm having is trying to find games, everytime I try to start tdm core it goes into the lobby and scans for awhile and says one game found or sometimes 2. i have tried turning it off and on reset connection thinking it may be that. But still does the same thing. Deleted season pass and redownloaded it all again. And still no luck. one game found. When I back out cause I don't like the map. And Try again Im constantly getting thrown back into the same lobby. I'm in the uk by the way If that makes a difference.

      Now this is what I find really interesting is when I delete the season pass. And go back into the game as normal With no dlc's at all

      its fixed 50 games found. Jump straight into a game within seconds as many as I like. Any mode.

      does anyone have any suggestions as I have paid £20 for season pass and would like to enjoy it. Not just one lobby.

      Thank you

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          Re: Can someone help with season pass please?

          P.s this has happened for a number of days now not just this one time.


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            Re: Can someone help with season pass please?

            Are you on the X1 or X360


            You've downloaded the Season Pass..

            Can you clarify that you have you've downloaded all 4 map packs.


            Here is the thing. You will only connect with other players that have the same DLC map packs that you do.

            Therefore, matchmaking is affected as the player pool you can play with changes.


            It is important that you have an Open NAT in-game and console.

            Question : do you have Open NAT in-game?


            The best way for you to play matches is to not lobby hop. We all have maps that we do not particularly like. But, just play. The next map will hopefully be one that you like. The matchmaking system is throwing back into the same lobby because it has found that lobby to be the best available.

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              Re: Can someone help with season pass please?

              Yup, FalconR6 is right. Your connection and the DLCs you have plays a huge part in the matchmaking process of the game. The server tend to pair you up to players who has at least the nearest connection that you have as well as the DLC availability. Try to check this link for the details of the matchmaking process. Activision Support

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                  Re: Can someone help with season pass please?

                  Thanks for the reply guys!

                  i have the season pass and I have downloaded all 4 packs. My nat is always open never had moderate or strict.

                  i Have a fairly good fibre connection. Never any issues with the game except this one.

                  to be honest I'm not really a lobby hopper just wanted to get through some of the new maps to try them out. Instead of the same ones popping up.

                  it just seems strange that when I play with all 4 maps downloaded it struggles to find games. It takes alot longer to find a game and when it does I have to wait a while for people to join. And only 1 or two games are available and I'm playing at peak times in the uk. surely no one in the uk has no season pass. Something's not right.

                  normal rotation with out any map packs is perfect! Always 50 games found straight into a game within seconds.

                  one thing I did notice is that when I went into the nemesis map pack and played core game modes. That was pretty good. I got straight into a game fairly quick And it didn't struggle to find anyone. There were plenty of games available. I don't know! Thanks for the help again guys.

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                      Re: Can someone help with season pass please?


                      I am on the X! in Australia. The total worldwide player population is rather low (<30,000) Add to this I'm in Aus. Add to this I have the Season Pass. You can see how finding a match becomes difficult.

                      Playing Nemesis playlist is probably your best bet (as you have discovered. Reason being a lot of players with the Season Pass (or individual map packs including Nemesis) will be playing that playlist. This means that the only folks playing in the normal playlists that you can match up with are even fewer. **** you can only play  (for example) a game of normal rotation Domination --> with folks who have all 4 map packs,, that are not playing the Nemesis playlist, that are playing domination, that are able to connect with you.

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                    Re: Can someone help with season pass please?

                    Those info or answers they provided you are true. Just to add up, match making is an issue with the dlc you have and the people having those dlc too. Since matchmaking works to find the game with the best connection quality, it will have a much easier time finding high quality connections when there are more players online in your area. As a general rule, peak usage occurs during the late afternoon and evening hours in each time zone. Also it will find the best connection available in game

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