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    Console freezing EVERY time I enter MP

      I have a new ps3, maybe 4 months old, blue azurite 500gb, never had an issue playing cod online.


      Double XP started yesterday at 6pm and I tried playing Black Ops 2, the game runs at pretty much 3 frames per second, and it wasnt just me, entire lobbies where complaining about connection being impossible. I entered numerous lobbies where it was 3 v 2, the score was 0-0 after 5 mins, and you literally couldnt walk, so I left. Thought what the hell, lets try some ghosts, also double xp, never had issues before on ghosts either. Logs on and tries a game, after 5 secs of playing the console freezes. Spent the next 50 mins trying diff lobbies, diff modes, etc etc same scenario, game freezes after between 5-15secs of gameplay. So I quit for the night.


      Tries today, Black Ops 2 is still laggy as hell, but playable, just QS everywhere, so almost unplayable due to that alone.


      Try ghosts again, 1st game , I get halfway through, game running smoother than ever, I  always seem to lag but this time I seem to be ahead, im 25-3 , then bang game freezes. Tried several times since, game freezes again after 5-15secs. Quite simply it wont let me play.


      Tried Borderlands multiplayer, works prefectly fine. internets fine, 30 ping, 12 download, but for whatever reason this game Ghosts will NOT play it KEEPS freezing my ps3.


      Im wary of playing now incase it breaks my console.


      Anyone else experienced this? It just tops off what has been simply a horrific year of cod, and I cant wait for the release of Destiny

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