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    FPS Drop

      This is ridiculous.


      At random times my fps will drop to 1 fps for no reason at all. this is a huge problem because it has gotten me killed so many times where if It had not happened I would have won the gunfight.


      Why does this even happen? there is no reason it should ever happen. This is inexcusable.

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          Re: FPS Drop

          What system are you playing it on? If it's on PC, upgrade your memory (RAM) and/or video card. If it's for console, uninstall all of your dlc, and the title updates, then redownload them all. And it wouldn't hurt to redownload your profile if you're on Xbox (not sure if PS3 & 4 users can do this), but make sure to delete profile only, keep files. Hope this helps.


          If that doesn't fix it, if on Xbox, install the game to the HDD.


          If on PC, another thing to try is to lower the screen resolution for the game, and lower any texturing options a bit. I don't know what type of settings there are on PC as I only have Xbox 360 version, but I know pc games pretty well.

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            Re: FPS Drop

            Happens with the Nemesis DLC a lot. Hilarious, because im on X360 lolol.... IW optimization at its finest.

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                Re: FPS Drop

                Yep. Showing just what direction they are going, to hell. lol. There are issues with this game that I doubt they can fix with patches. And the more things they change, guns nerfing and buffing, to health buffs and nerfs, they screw it up. Goes to show you that the IW team for this game is not the same one that made MW2. Sure MW2 had its problems, but never with the fps. It was always lag.


                I finished campaign a while back, and couldn't believe the amount of times the frame rate dropped to almost nothing. Before that, It mainly happened in online multiplayer. But I haven't experienced though, as I tend not to play online.


                Since you're on 360 1110265, try all the steps I described earlier, redownload the profile and all dlc and patches, then install the game to the hard drive, and try it... One thing I forgot to mention though, is if you install the multiplayer disc, MAKE SURE the CAMPAIGN disc is not installed on the hard drive, or the xbox will freeze more often than not. My solution to that was, when I decided to play campaign again, I moved my game save for campaign onto a pen drive, and installed single player disc to that, without deleting the multiplayer disc. Best of luck. If none of the things I listed fixes the issues, it may be that your disc drive is going out, which can cause that problem too.

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                  Re: FPS Drop

                  Fix your xbox. That isn't normal. The only frame drops I get are when I'm sniping on stonehaven with tons of other **** happening on the screen.

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