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    looking for a clan


      k/d is .84

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          Hi! Im part of a big community acroos all platforms, OrionGC, i would like you to join im higher up of the xbox one division but we also have other divisions for all consoles,, we need highly active people on the website that can give it a check 3 days a week just to see the news and game night, as well we need active people in game nights where you can play with others and have fun and clan wars, we are lvl 24 and diamond and we have a new clan for PSN to have space for everyone. If interested read the info on oriongc.org/apply and join. We are renovating our ps3 division so we need highly active people on our website and in the game. Hope you join bro.

          LvL 25| Diamond Division | Cross platform ps3,ps4, xbox 360 and xbox one | Competitive-Recreational | Apply now!:)

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            Try looking here GHOSTS CLAN RECRUITMENT. Also you may want to set standards for yourself so clans dont use you.