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    Camping are u serious

      What ever happened to people rushing? Now people say that they are camping cause u die fast thats a load of bullshit its not because of that its because of people that just suck at the game and mostly i blame BlackXWorm for the campers mostly because this dude is camping all the time saying he trolling but in really hes sucks at the game now im not hateing but im stating out that people who troll are just ruining the game


      ps i dont hate trolling i just hate that it can lead into little kids doing it

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          1. Re: Camping are u serious

          All cod games contain campers and I usually don't say much about it because everyone is entitled to do what they want with their game. But the thermal scopes have really put a new spin on camping. They work great so don't get me wrong. But the last few days have shown me soooo many people not moving period and just looking through the thermal. Aggravating but also I'll admit it's a viable tactic if you're into that style.

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            2. Re: Camping are u serious

            This is the reason I can't play TDM or tedium as I call it - People play so negatively untill both teams are camping and no one gets killed which drags the game out longer. It's a legit tactic to hold a flag I guess. The only good thing about campers is they don't move - if your looking for a certain kill (Point blank, or slide) go back to their position and you have the advantage to flank them.

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              3. Re: Camping are u serious

              If you're camping, but yet, have a lot of kills with a very low death number, then how would you consider that player sucking at the game? Also, I've notioned for a brief moment of taking cover, or waiting just a little bit behind something, would be consider as camping.


              As a rusher, your job is to push the pace of the match. By doing so, knowing the maps, spawns, popular advantage spots and checking every corner (because camping isn't new), is a good way to be known as a threat in the match. Also as a rucher, you need to have a little something for everyone. A rusher would most likely use speed perks and run around with a SMG. But when coming across campers, shouldn't you be more stealth? I'm pretty sure a lot of rushers are using the most popular perks to run and gun. But does it fix the situation at hand? You have 5 classes with each person (some 10 classes), which  are 10 people all together. Are you telling me that you don't have nothing for that ***? Plause.

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                4. Re: Camping are u serious

                sometime i camp just to make people like you cry in game and on fourms      sometimes i do it for the team    like on stonehaven   i will go to the highest spot on the map and do callouts all day with my thermal so my team can get all the kills  and if i can snipe you from across the map i will     i can rush with the best of them   some maps i choose not to run  30 laps around the map looking for people and finding 3.....  and if your dumb enough to know where im camping   and you want to come back 20 times trying to kill me and i get all 20 kills  dont cry about it later.....your the bad player there not me....   thank you for being the  rusher thinking he is good because he has a smg with rapid fire and feeding us kills  oh  and my  clan name is StopCryingBtchez  just for players like you

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                  5. Re: Camping are u serious

                  I love taking out drive-by rushers and then move 20 paces and get them when they come back for revenge, rinse, repeat!  LOL

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                    6. Re: Camping are u serious

                    And what happens when the rushers stop rushing? You sit in your corner for 10 minutes picking your nose? I had possibly my worst experience with campers last night. They spawn, immediately go prone and ADS... and the thing is, they still lost. I cannot fathom how anyone gets any enjoyment out playing like that. The plus side, is a kill cam where I lay down next to them staring at them for 20 seconds or so, then slap them in the face or sticky them (to the amusement of the rest of the lobby).

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                      7. Re: Camping are u serious

                      I do the same. I'll get to a location with 3-4 corners and rotate next corner after a kill and you want to talk about mad. I will usually get killed by a noob after about 4 kills.

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                        8. Re: Camping are u serious

                        Silz616 wrote:


                        And what happens when the rushers stop rushing? You sit in your corner for 10 minutes picking your nose?


                        Nope, I move around the map, look for more headless chickens and.... rinse & repeat!  LOL

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                          9. Re: Camping are u serious

                          Ya, if you don't get killed on your way back or their camping friend is back in the other other corner camping...essentially they have each others back.

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