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    Major Issue



      My clan recently won its 2nd platinum wars & 4th gold or higher.


      All we received was xp for finishing 1st.


      The clan app is not showing diamond invite and members are missing rewards.


      How can i rectify this


      P.S i have contacted Activision Support (Thursday) and got nothing back yet

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          Re: Major Issue

          Many seem to be missing their body count reward from the last war (jakarta), so you're not alone.  There is a form you can fill out for missing clan wars rewards.  You must select your system, game, and issue to access the form, which you can find here: https://support.activision.com/Atvi_my_support_games?clickedOn=Ghosts


          As for the diamond invite, it's common not to get the diamond invite until the day before the next war.  Once you get it, be sure to opt in before roster lock, which is up to 24 hours before the start of the next war.  If you don't opt into diamond by then, you will be enrolled in the Bronze-Platinum division, so keep checking the app for the invite.


          Good luck.

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            Re: Major Issue

            many people are having the same issue.   According to activison support, rewards are still being given out and will just take time.  you can start a ticket at activision support and they can push them through but i fear the diamond inv may come too late for many of us and we will be stuck in plat again so be pre-paired for that

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