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    DOM Clan Seeks New Recruits for ALL CONSOLES!!! **RED TAG CLAN**

      Deo Optimo Maximo is currently seeking new members to join our growing community today!



      Deo Optimo Maximo (DOM) was created in November of 2012 and was originally a BO2 clan for PS3, but has expanded to ALL consoles, even next-gen! DOM is a community-based clan, focusing more on making friends and fun, family-friendly gaming. There are Tactical Teams within the divisions though, taking part in weekly practices and GBs for those players who want challenges and more competitive gameplay.


      We are currently seeking new members to join us, especially in anticipation of the Advanced Warfare release! We are still growing and will continue to grow, but we'd like QUALITY members to join us on the journey there! We are recruiting for North America AND European Union divisions on ALL CONSOLES, so apply now! All of our consoles have red tags EXCEPT FOR Xbox ONE (they just got their own tags a couple of months ago and they're currently still gold).


      If you'd like to apply, go to dom-clan.org and register as a new user (make sure you use your gamertag exactly as it appears as your username). Make sure that when asked "How did you find us?", be sure to put "DOMx TactiX"!


      • There is NO K/D requirement to join
      • There is NO age requirement to join
      • There is NO location requirement to join

      Clan wars statistics by division/platform:

      PS3: Diamond Division

      PS4: Diamond Division

      X360: Platinum Division

      XOne: Diamond Division