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    Only ONE skill level in Squads Wargame now ("Regular")???

      First that took away both "Hardened" and "Veteran" difficulty levels in Squads Wargame with absolutely no explanation. Now there is no more "Recruit" either, giving us only ONE difficulty level -- "Regular." Players of this game span a wide range of skill levels, so how can they possibly only offer ONE level for EVERYBODY? What's the thinking behind this?


      I don't personally prefer "Recruit" myself, but I know people that do since they don't play that much, and they find the "Regular" mode too frustrating. I'm okay playing at the "Regular" level, but I used to enjoy playing on Hardened or even Veteran sometimes as well. This means that none of us -- neither the higher or lower skill level players -- can really play the game on the difficulty level that suits us.


      If anyone at IW/Activision is listening, PLEASE return the difficulty choices in Squads Wargame so that we can tailor the matches to our skill levels.  All you're doing with the removal of this choice is to make the game fun to a much smaller cross section of players.  It makes sense to remove the choices from Assault mode since these matches are tracked on the leaderboards, but Squads Wargame games do NOT count on the leaderboards, so what is the up side to offering NO choices (let alone only TWO choice) when playing Wargame?



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          Re: Only ONE skill level in Squads Wargame now ("Regular")???

          I agree with you 100% and feel we deserve to have difficulty choices... All 4 options from the way it was originally. I also feel that the 'Regular' level AI bots have gotten extremely better than they were originally.

          Here is my post...


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            Re: Only ONE skill level in Squads Wargame now ("Regular")???

            I contacted a live agent today and explained they we the people, we the consumers,

            wish to have choices and that we want the return of the choivce / bot menu, he took my report

            and said they would look into it as well as review the forums, so hopefully , we willget this resolved

              and have out choices back.  Aug 14-14

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                Re: Only ONE skill level in Squads Wargame now ("Regular")???

                Thanks for the update report on this, and thanks for taking the time to contact them through official channels and let them know about these threads, which are in at least FOUR of the official COD forums (PS3, PS4, PC, and General), as well as the Steam forum for the PC version of COD Multiplayer.


                Thanks as well to everybody who took the time to post and/or respond to posts about this on the forums.  With enough public outcry, I would think they would respond and at LEAST bring back the recruit level, the absence of which is causing many players to either have a lot less fun, or to stop playing altogether.

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                Re: Only ONE skill level in Squads Wargame now ("Regular")???

                Agreed. I don't get a chance to play very often, so my skill level varies. After a two or four week break from gaming, playing Regular mode is no fun at all. Why would I buy a game if I can't have a good time playing it?

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                  Re: Only ONE skill level in Squads Wargame now ("Regular")???

                  I'm an older gamer and like others, I usually play Private Match ("Combat Training") in Ghosts, and BO2 because I can't stand the immaturity of the online CoD (and MP in general) community. Plus, there are lag issues, hosting issues since there are no dedicated servers, cheaters, etc.


                  I want to post in support of this thread and others like it because Activision / IW don't seem to realize  there are a lot of older gamers like myself, or gamers with actual lives (work, family) who want to enjoy the game as much as the kids (12-25) who are the die hard MP core market Activision and IW are after.


                  The bots in Ghosts are phenomenal. They know how to play every mode and play them well. They use all the kill streaks, perks, weapons and equipment even better than most human players. I commend the development team for this accomplishment considering how complex some of these game modes are and the progress they've made since the original BO where it was just Team  Deathmatch.


                  However, where Activision and IW fail in Squads is giving players of all skill levels CHOICE.


                  Choice in how much XP can be earned per Squad match.


                  Choice in what can be unlocked as far as weapons, character customization, etc.


                  Choice in the skill level as evidenced by the latest updates and the existence of this very thread.


                  I would like to suggest the developers make future Squads mode more like Private Match that would be a complete offline experience where there is no XP cap, you can unlock ALL the weapons & customization options, and have total control over the game parameters like time limit, score limit, loadout restrictions, etc.


                  I know Activision and IW are afraid of players just putting the bots on "recruit", farming easy kills and ranking up offline before they go online, so this is why I suggest making these modes completely separate with SEPARATE PROFILES, one for online and one for offline. Problem solved.


                  In closing, I hope Advanced Warfare has Squads and or Private Match ("Combat Training") because I am excited for the new game, but will only buy it if it improves on Ghosts AI game modes and doesn't take choice away from the player as the game is updated... Especially without any reason given by the developers.

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                    Re: Only ONE skill level in Squads Wargame now ("Regular")???

                    My dad just informed me that he checks a couple times a day to see if the recruit setting is back for wargame, and then quits when it's not.  In other words, as I feared, he has stopped playing.  He says that playing at the higher difficulty "just isn't fun anymore."  I asked about Private Matches, and he said that without any rewards or "progress" of some sort, it loses something, so he's just waiting for them to add "recruit" level back.


                    I'm at a total loss as to why they did this, but it's even more remarkable that there has been zero feedback about WHY they did this.  This is an official forum -- they're supposed to monitor it and I've seen them give feedback before -- so why they're utterly silent about this is just beyond me.


                    Squads is THE saving grace for this game for the growing number of people who are not interested in MP gaming anymore, or who want a break from it.  The mode offers both single player AND coop gameplay... and IW is killing it for many people.  The situation is really quite sad.

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                      Re: Only ONE skill level in Squads Wargame now ("Regular")???

                      I am going to keep spamming this post because I doubt anybody checks this forum, so...


                      It's obvious IW doesn't give a damn about older players, let alone CO-OP and MP Offline (Squads, Private Match, Bots, Combat Training) given they whittled away at Squads to the point it is unplayable for a lot of people. All they care about are the 12-25-year olds and promoting e-sports (which is a joke considering CoD is one of THE most casual-friendly games on the planet that requires little to no skill) which leaves older and less serious gamers in the dust.


                      I can play on Regular and up in Private Match, Squads, but that's not the point.


                      As others have said, they took away a fundamental choice that is a basic functionality in most games without any explanation whatsoever.


                      If they just gave their rationale, it would give many people closure, so they could move on... Because that's what happens  when you ignore a fan base... But my guess is it is just another corporate decision, and if they gave the real reason none of us would like it, so they just bury it and hope we *do* move on since we are not the hardcore fan base they are after, unfortunately

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                          Re: Only ONE skill level in Squads Wargame now ("Regular")???

                          What we are asking is not even an 'add-on' or even a 'fix'. The choices were already there - just leave it as it is - that's all.



                          There is no need to fix what is not broken (especially when there is already too much work to fix a very long list for what all of us have paid for).


                          Ghosts' online MP community probably died the fastest in the history of AAA fps games  (and maybe non-AAA titles too) - for many reasons which have been discussed to death. Squads is among what is little left that is keeping people playing this game, and people do buy DLC's to play Squads -> means more money for you guys.

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