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    *NEW* START-UP *PROFESSIONAL* CLAN RECRUITING (Roster spots available, since August 10, 2014)

      Roster and Clan Positions Available:

      Competitive Team - Three

      Positions Available (As of August 10, 2014):
      1. Rusher/TDM player w/ good communication skills

      2. OBJ player w/ good communication skills

      Public & Non-Competitive Team - Five

      Positions Available (As of August 10, 2014):

      1. Rusher/TDM player w/ good communication skills

      2. OBJ player w/ good communication skills

      Clan Leaders and Clan Development

      Positions Available (As of August 10, 2014):

      1. Coach

      2. Video contributors


      Hi all,




      Thanks for viewing the post. For those of you waiting for the next Call of Duty to release and for those of you waiting for other great games like Destiny, Halo 5, The Division, etc... I have a clan for you! Now, usually I post on the forums to get recruited to a clan. I have found that in the past several years of joining clans that I dislike doing so and have started to move on to bigger and better things. We are an extremely small group as of now but we play on all consoles and have a great structure. Although the recruitment process is a tedious one and also very painstaking, I am committed to recruiting exceptional players ONLY. Maturity and age level are less important but if you do not mesh well with the clan anyway you won't stay long regardless of whether I kick you out or not. That all goes without saying.


      The point of my clan is not to simply gain leaderboard ranking, pubstomp noobs in lobbies, take advantage of stacked teams, or to win or compete. I would like to build a support group of friends who play the games together, that's really all. The other stuff I hope will come in time, with the community we create. Let me not waste anymore of your time and get down to the nitty gritty.


      Here are the requirements to join the clan:

      MUST use communication and strategic game-play        Those who are found not to be using communication will be removed from the clan after repeated failure to help us succeed in important matches and practice sessions

      MUST be mature and courteous    No harassment of any kind, discrimination of any kind, and no cheating/hacking

      MUST be active    Hopefully online seven days a week. Obviously not every week you can make it, but we need players who are familiar with the game. We understand that you can not make it to every clan match, you can not play one game for weeks at a time and not get burned out on it, and we are willing to give our core members time off to go live their lives, play other games, or do other things.

      MUST be an excellent player overall and experienced with FPS       You must tryout for this clan IN OR AGAINST CLAN PARTIES with a ROLE-GOAL in mind. For instance, if you are trying out for a position in the clan as an objective player, we want to see you score lots of captures, points for blitzing, etc. If you are trying out for high K/D player, we want to see you go positive and be difficult to kill or hard to compete against. We do not just accept tryouts for anyone who just wants to tryout. You must introduce yourself and explain what your ROLES AND GOALS ARE for the clan. After you explain what kind of player you are or what your goals as a player are and prove to us that you can follow the goals you've set, you are given more freedom to do what ever you want.


      Who am I? AbaShoppeR

      I am a PS4, Xbox One owner who takes gaming seriously and loves to play every day. Although I do sometimes take months off at a time I have been gaming since 1992 and stuck with it. I also am a full time student at college and working three jobs (two in the gaming industry.) I play every day in the mornings and early afternoons unless I'm busy and I also play late at night. I have two PS4s and my friends are finally starting to warm up and come over and play again since I have the sweet two console setup and the Xbox now. I run on a 60MBPS connection with 10 upload speed (my newest network upgrade.) I use a scuffed controller now (still getting used to it) and I am starting to record all my gameplay footage using an elgato. I just bought the turtle beach xp sevens and they'll be here Tuesday. I'm 10th prestige on COD Ghosts and totally hate the game but at least the new one is coming out soon. I do not doubt that other players are much better than I am and I have a lot to learn from the community here at Call of Duty who has already taught me a lot but I also want to come away knowing I helped others which is why I'm starting the clan, as the leader.


      Why join?

      • Friendly people - I have many friends from the Call of Duty community (among others) and family (mainly my brother and my real life friends) who would be willing to play with us or join the clan
      • Cool benefits (We are seeking sponsors, promoters, financial gain from the clan)
      • Lots of fun - You will enjoy playing with the clan because we only accept the best players and only play the best games
      • Proven track record - I have run clans and leagues before and I know it is a lot of work. I have also participated in many clans and know they can fall apart without activity and leadership
      • Compete in tournaments - We plan to start registering for tournaments and clan matches in gamebattles and other leagues, when the time is right


      Who is involved?      Besides myself, we have several players who are part of my support group and several clans also. Personally I have connections to players who have been top 10 in leaderboards, competed in cash prize tournaments, and several who are just all around great players. Right now, we do not have any sponsors or YouTube partnerships. This is a NEW, START-UP, PROFESSIONAL clan. We are seeking those things.


      If you are interested in this clan please follow the directions below:

      ADD ME AS A FRIEND FIRST- Please add AbaShoppeR as a friend on Xbox Live or PSN

      SEND A MESSAGE- Please send a message to AbaShoppeR to inquire about joining