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    Your thoughts on the MP reveal...


      I like the customization.

      I like the supply drops.


      Boost slide... Side Boost are fine.


      The BJ makes it Halo.


      And WTF is a Boost hover doing in COD.





      I really just don't know if I'm down with this title.






      But... I really like the Day Zero concept.

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          I would rather be playing aw right now instead of ghosts. It looks fun, but I doubt I will be able to keep up with the action. I am going to be slaughtered, I can't wait.

          • 2. Re: Your thoughts on the MP reveal...

            Customization is good... IMO all the gear to dress up your supersoldier is the same stuff as emblems from the older CoD games.


            Supply drops are cool as long as it doesn't become pay to win


            Like boost slide


            Don't like cloak (even though I'm a flanker), takes the whole stealth thing out of the game when you can just become invisible for a bit...


            BJ looks totally OP'd. The game looks like it's completely reliant on who can BJ the best.

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              It looks like Titanfall, without the silly robots, with loads more guns, and with the best bits of BO2... I'm sold

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                Ridiculously low TTK. Don't think many gun battles will happen. Halo jumping and hovering is not COD. Over did it on customization.  Gonna pass on this one. I can't imagine how bad the insta deaths are gonna be once we see multiplayer live gameplay.

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                  It's cool.

                  The game looks fun.

                  I can't wait until everyone starts complaining that its just a complete copy of a bunch of other games.

                  The Game has Dynamic Map Elements - Copy of Battlefield 4

                  The Game has wall climbing - Copy of Crysis

                  The Game has Laser Weapons - Star Wars Battlefront, Crysis

                  The Uplink Game Mode - Copy of Breach Retrieval game


                  Then comes the "Nothing New" scene.

                  1 guy said - THE SOUND SYSTEM HAS BEEN THE SAME SINCE  COD4 - COD4 used Miles, Black Ops 2 uses Dobly....

                  Another person says - The Graphics look the same as ghosts, 

                  Image and video hosting by TinyPic

                  Another guy says - The game play is all the same, run and gun combat - It's cod, not Battlefield, Not Arma, It's Call of Duty they don't need to add suppression and all that stuff. We don't need 2 battlefields. Not that Battlefield sucks, but it's pointless.

                  Its bound to happen. Every one complains about cod like that.

                  COD Hate isn't even "proper" hate anymore.

                  Its just a bunch of random complaints and crap. I can understand the PC games though.

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                    You should preorder it and stop worrying about what other people think. Everyone has their own opinion's and they are all valid.

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                      When I saw Toughness in that perk menu...


                      Everything minus boost jumping was fine, though.

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                        I think it looks great. My expectations are tempered though. I can't wait for all the nerf threads from the bad kids. Waaah he out maneuvered me!!! Nerf everything!! Waaaaah lag comp laser killed me! I can't wait! It'll be fantastic. The movement system will set the good players apart. The sad part is, we see what happens when there is a high skill ceiling. Bads sit in a corner. But, we'll see.

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