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    Lets just call this the first MP reveal thread. Hopefully we can keep it to one thread. Thoughts ?

      Just saw the MP reveal. Hope we can keep it to a single thread instead of hundreds.


      Best way so far is one the ONE thru the website in the IE app.


      While I think its great that you got TF style jumps I will say this. First I actually like the total difference in gameplay shown. Not just the standard running around. That will help the game feel cooler for me.


      I am expecting a LOT of players to hate it for many reasons.  One of those is from the VERY obvious gameplay difference in the MP reveal. So now you people cant complain when the game comes out and its totally different.


      For example in the MP reveal you can see major Titanfall style jumping but even in a LAN based game (which I am assuming it is in the video0 You can see a lot of OHKs (in the players POV) from shotguns and stuff from across the map.