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    [PS4] Recruiting HC TDM/KC gamers for advanced warfare

      Tired of playing against full parties while your side is at the mercy of random, horrible teammates? Are you sick of being in lobbies and on teams with people you constantly have to mute because they want to use their headset for everything but the objective?  If you can play well regardless of the lobby you are in, join some of us who had enough of that and let's BOSS on these scrubs together.


      The Circle of Bosses has been an established clan since CoD 4, with experienced members in leadership who have played every game in the series.  We max out both individual player and clan level/badges/awards every game, often resetting stats and doing friendly competitions among ourselves.  We have lives and jobs, and won't require you to schedule time out of your life to play a game.  Our viewpoint is simple: this is a game and it's your free time - you should play when and how you want.  That is why our recruiting criteria is so narrow - we seek talented gamers who don't want a commitment but still want to play with good parties and win games.


      We are not a group of kids with spare time to troll and talk smack in lobbies.  When we play it's all business, and we put in work!  We won't ask you to sign up for some garbage 3rd party website, forum, or anything else that will take time away from your life or gaming.  If you want all that social media nonsense, our clan probably isn't for you.


      Overall clan stats:  KDR: 1.5  ;  WIN %: 60%  ;  Members: 15+  ;  Member Age: 18+

      clan rank: 25 (max)

      clan division: diamond


      Currently we are only recruiting HARDCORE tdm/kc players for PS4 ONLY!!!


      Our minimum requirements are as follows:

      Hardcore:  50% win %, 1.5+ KDR

      Softcore:  60% win %, 2.0+ KDR


      Must be better than these numbers for consideration. Request a tryout if you feel you are better than your kd/win% dictate.


      IMPORTANT NOTE: We have dominated clan wars the last three games, and are growing bored with them.  Therefore, we will NOT require members to participate in clan wars in advanced warfare.  We are just looking for good parties and to win games.


      If you are interested in joining, message PSN: CoB_Easy or apply in-app. Please include what country/time zone you play in