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    Game engine

      Is the new game based on the same engine as ghost or is it a new one . Considering all the problems with the lag compensator and spawning issues and among others like  the dirty/broken sight problems that have yet to be resolved .I would like to know the answer to this question to see weather it is worth buying or not . Only it seams pointless buying a game that will be just as problematic if it is the same engine ??

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          Re: Game engine

          I believe its the same or a "highly" upgraded version from ghosts.

          I'm not sure though.

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            Re: Game engine

            same trash can, different paint job.

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              Re: Game engine

              Most likely its an upgraded version from the Modern Warfare 3's IW engine.

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                Re: Game engine

                i dont even care on what game engine its running

                i dont care if its new or old

                if the game is released in the same fashion since mw2 its a BIG NO NO

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                  Re: Game engine

                  I watched all the trailers, and trust me, they came up with a new engine... However, I don't know if it'll have the optimization as good as Blops 2, or as shitty as Ghosts...

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                      Re: Game engine

                      It is just a heavily modified IW engine, but it looks like it is the engine that BO2 started with.  So with that said when BO2 and AW started development, they started using the same "base" engine, but could have gone in two different directions, which they did.  I would expect things to be more similar to BO2 than Ghosts.


                      BO2 used a heavily modified IW 3.0 engine same engine used in COD4.  Ghosts used an updated IW 4.0 engine, the same engine used in MW2 and MW3.  Please note that I used a wiki for this info so take it with a grain of salt.

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                        Re: Game engine

                        TheBisharp wrote:


                        I watched all the trailers, and trust me, they came up with a new engine...

                        ok i trust you..


                        but you know its NOT a new engine right?


                        its the old iw engine upgraded for next gen optimization and features the core elements are still the same.

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                        Re: Game engine

                        Problems with the "lag compensator"?


                        Please please please, people stop talking out your arses. If you don't have a CLUE about something (such as a game engine) , its probably not a good idea to run around talking about how "the lag compensator" is broken.


                        Maybe they should check the flux capacitor while they're at it???




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                            Re: Game engine

                            The problem is when it comes to the lag compensation in ghost its the worst by far in the cod games its not that is broke it just so poorly written it gives certain players with bad internet connections and low end pcs that much advantage in time ie up to 1 second running between them and other players it  creates no end of hacking / cheating accusations and puts people off buying or playing the game .Its even noticeable on xbox and playstation when their specs are all the same . If your goeing to buy advanced warfare on the new xbox  and the new playstation with their higher specs and its based on the same engine it will be even moor noticeable  for them .

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                            Re: Game engine

                            Once these studios start with their own project they all kind of go their own way to a point so I would expect things to feel different than both Ghosts and Black Ops 2 - especially given the new player movement styles - and I would also expect it to have its own share of problems.


                            I would agree with iivrruummii's statement that it should have more of a Black Ops 2 feel to it. IMO you can't really tell these things from trailers and videos but you can tell from a lot of things that were said at the gamescom sessions that SHG really looked favorably to Treyarch's design of Black Ops 2.

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                              Re: Game engine

                              Get to know lag comp before complaining:

                              Lag compensation is the notion of the server using a player's latency to rewind time when processing a usercmd, in order to see what the player saw when the command was sent. In combination with prediction, lag compensation can help to combat network latency to the point of almost eliminating it from the perspective of an attacker.


                              Now if there is NO lag compensation, let say you shoot a target and client time is 5.6. While that information is going to the server/host the server keeps stimulate the world. The information of player shooting at that point arrives at 5.8. Now what happens is that the target is not anymore on that location. So the shot misses the target even tough the player hit it dead center on his game.


                              The lag compensation fixes that. With out it the gameplay would be extremely frustrating and you would need to lead your shots depending on the current connection. That is why every shooter has some form of server side lag compensation.


                              Now what problems this brings is the sensation of being killed behind a wall. In your gameplay it seems you got behind a wall and died. This is correct but you were actually killed before you got behind the wall. The game rewinds to check if you were hit and in that time you might have already moved behind the corner.


                              So the question comes down to do you want players to escape perfects hits by the other players or reward them with a kill they deserved but in return you dying a slightly later in your screen (behind cover)?

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                                Re: Game engine

                                Also a quick engine recap.



                                Original Call of Duty used heavily modified Quake III arena engine. Know as: id Tech 3.


                                With Call of Duty 2 the game started using IW engine 2.0 that was modified from the engine first Call of Duty used.


                                Call of Duty 3 used different engine called Treyarch NGL.


                                Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare used IW engine 3.0 that had these new features:

                                • Bullet penetration
                                • Improved AI
                                • Lighting engine upgrades
                                • Particle system enhancements


                                With Call of Duty: World at War Treyarch started using modified IW engine 3.0. This is the point when Treyarch's and Infinity Ward's engines takes their own paths. World at War's modified IW 3.0 engine included a lot of new features:

                                • Improved physics
                                • Dismemberment
                                • More destructible environments
                                • Realistic burning of skin and clothing
                                • Propagating fire


                                With Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Infinity Ward named their IW engine to version 4.0 but only big difference from the engine used in the first Modern Warfare was texture streaming technology.


                                As Infinity Ward updated the original IW 3.0 engine from first Modern Warfare, kept Treyarch improving their modified version of IW 3.0 from World at War. So Black Ops featured even more modified IW 3.0 engine. New features included:

                                • Texture streaming technology
                                • Lighting enhancements
                                • 3-D stereoscopic support


                                After Modern Warfare 2 was made the Infinity Ward was basically split in half as the studio founders put together new studio called Respawn Entartaiment. As result many IW members left the IW and joined this new studio. Activision ordered Sledge Hammer studio to help what was left from Infinity Ward to finish up Modern Warfare 3. The game used engine called MW3 engine that was upgraded from the IW 4.0 engine.

                                New features included:

                                • Improvements to texture streaming technology to allow for larger regions.
                                • Lighting engine enhancements to show reflections of some objects on tile floors.
                                • Improvements to the audio engine


                                With Black Ops II Treyarch uses modified version of Black Ops's IW 3.0 engine. This new engine has bunch of new improvements, mostly on the lighting effects but its also the first Call of Duty engine to feature DX11 as all the previous ones have used DX9. New features:

                                • Reveal mapping (improved texture blending)
                                • HDR lighting
                                • Bounce lighting
                                • Self-shadowing
                                • Intersecting shadows
                                • DirectX 11 for PC version




                                And Ghosts used even further modified MW3 engine that they now named IW6 Engine. They decided to use a lot of 3rd party solutions. New features:

                                • Pixar's SubD
                                • New animation systems for movement (sliding, leaning etc.)
                                • Fluid Dynamics
                                • Interactive Smoke (PC)
                                • Dynamic multiplayer maps
                                • Displacement mapping
                                • True real-time HDR lighting
                                • Iris Adjust tech
                                • Graphics Tessellation for PC, Wii U, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One
                                • Advanced PhysX support for PC version
                                • Specular mapping on particle effects
                                • Using Umbra's advanced rendering technology.


                                Now we come to Sledge Hammer and Advanced Warfare. Sledge Hammer has said that they are using a "new engine", but don't be fooled it is still developed from the Call of Duty engines. The safest bet is to say Sledge Hammer is using MW3 Engine as the base for their own Call of Duty engine. This is what one of the Sledge Hammer devs said about the engine:

                                Condrey says, “Although what the studio means by ‘new’ in this context isn’t what the internet means when it complains about the old COD engine.”  There are, says Condrey, lines of the old engine’s code still in Advanced Warfare, just as there are in most studios’ engines entering a new generation, but enough has been built from scratch to make it almost unrecognizable. “We have new rendering, animation, physics and audio systems”
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                                    Re: Game engine

                                    I am pretty sure they are going to be using the same engine in BO2.

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                                        Re: Game engine

                                        If so, perhaps maybe a Black Ops 2 engine modified enough that it will at least deter hackers for a month or 2, giving SG time to upgrade the AC.

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                                          Re: Game engine

                                          Well I think the similar looks to Black Ops II engine comes from the art style and the over all colorfulness instead of using the grayish MW3 and Ghosts looks.It would make more sense to them to use the IW6 from MW3 as they worked with it on Modern Warfare 3 and then right away started their own Call of Duty.


                                          I think it is just the future setting, art style and colorfulness that makes it look like it could use BOII engine.

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                                              Re: Game engine

                                              I think that they are using BO2's engine but went into IW's direction with textures.  Considering BO2 was released 2 years ago, and AW was in development for roughly 3 years.  It just makes sense. 

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                                                  Re: Game engine

                                                  Then again, there is the minute chance that they actually have a brand new engine, which is unlikely, but given 3 years, if implemented, will give haxorz a BIG setback

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