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    What should I get?


      I'm a ps4 user. So I still have close to a month to grind. I project that if I keep at it with 6 games a day that I should have about 525 teeth. I was just wondering what someone else's opinion on what they would get in regards to armory upgrades.


      Cryptid Slayer Ammo - 500 Teeth




      Pistol Ark  Attachement - 125 Teeth

      Class Boost Frequency - 200 Teeth

      Master Scavenger - 200 Teeth


      And then Grind for the Arching Stun Ammo.


      I've been debating between those two options. I know that I probably should just grind till I get the double class, but is the double class really worth getting over those four upgrades. Another factor as to why I might not go for double class and go for one of those other two options is that Destiny is coming out and what will end up likely happening is that I'll become more of a Casual Extinction player rather then a hardcore one.

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          I purchased Master Scavenger and the electric knife right of the bat. Having used Slayer Ammo, I would say this gives you the most bang for your buck. Hardly anyone has it, and it is amazing on every map. It's nice to get an Ark on your primary with MS, and I enjoy it, but there is no guarantee that you will get even one (it's all luck of the draw, and people can't stop themselves from looting all the boxes they can find ). I'm not saying having a primary with Ark + Extended mags isn't awesome, because it is, but CSA in my opinion is a lot more fun.


          I recommend finding someone that runs CSA to try it out for yourself. Pistol Ark is exactly what you think it would be, class boost frequency isn't as exciting since they nerfed the special abilities, but CSA is a sure thing every time.


          Just my opinion based on my experience. +1 for CSA.

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            having all the upgrades it's a choice of the ammo or pistol ark those two are amazing if you play with randoms alot pick pistol. If you have a team get ammo

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              Have yet to experience slayer ammo but dual ark-wielding pistols is a hell of a lot of fun if not just downright op...just saying...

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                I personally, am hoping that a change is made to the teeth system prior to PC/PS3/PS4 obtaining the pack, but I'm pretty much in the same boat. I'm not exactly sure what I want to shoot for first. I'm currently sitting at 90 and earn ~3/game and can sometimes get 2-3 games in a day, 4+ if I'm lucky.


                I really want to get CSA first, but that's a whole 410 teeth away. Not sure if I should pass it by for Master Scavenger first.


                This definitely shows that there aren't many people out there with these upgrades, I'm in the top 8000 overall on the X360 leaderboards for score (Only because running 5+ relics a game has become a thing of second nature for me ) and I don't have any of the new DLC upgrades yet.


                Anyways, thoughts?

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                  I Think I would get master scavenger and the pistol ark first.


                  Someone already tested CSA ammo. It's on this forum under "teeth upgrades." In the test it took 14 shots with one of the pistols to take down a cryptid, which was exactly the same as when they tested it against incendiary ammo. So why waste 500 teeth on something that isn't really going to improve damage. You'd be better off with an ark on primary and pisto ark as back up.

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                      As I understand it, one shouldn't expect CSA to inflict more damage than the other ammo types- rather it is a combination of all Ammo types and includes their attributes (including auto filling when maxed out etc). You get radial damage, fire damage, ignore armor, and stun (along with the damage upgrades for armor piercing, longer burn, and arcing stun if you have them). So the test is certainly valid, but it isn't testing the actual benefits of CSA (it never claims to inflict more damage).


                      That being said, Dual Pistol Arc = awesome.

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                      I would go with the three other upgrades. They seem more fun. Everyone always let me dig up the boxes because they want an ark (even randoms lol).

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                        One other thing to consider,  someone else with cryptid slayer ammo can throw it out and you can use it in the game without having unlocked it.


                        The only way experience ark + pistols is to unlock the upgrade yourself.

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                          Pistol Ark Attachment is way over rated. Everyone seems to want that, and think it's amazing. Personally, I think people are wrong. It's not as powerful or OP as everyone thinks.


                          Master Scavenger is very hit and miss. Some games you'll find 2 or 3  Arks and Extended mags, then you'll go games without finding anything good. But the great think is hypno knives give your friendlies more health, and make your flares go from lasting 20 seconds, to 30 seconds.


                          Frequency Boost, is actually brilliant. You can use your upgrade ability 2 times PER hive. Imagine on the run back on POC and you're medic, you can use it 2 times to help them. I think I love this even more because I am double class, so I get to use my WS + Medic 2 times each per hive/generator.

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                            Thanks for the input. It seemed to be a hard choice. But yeah I think I will go for the multiple upgrades vs one upgrade. Perhaps if I find someone that has CSA I'll just friend request him. He can share his Ammo while I can share the arks I find from the boxes.