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    Extinction players needed

      Hey guys I'm in need of players to play extinction with that have all 4 DLC map packs and can communicate during the game. PLZ send me invites via Xbox Live, Thanks!!!


      Here are my need to know info:
      Time usually on LIVE: 10PM- 7AM EST US (everyone are asleep and its the best time to play COD)

      Xbox 360 version, gamertag: MISahnov

      Internet Speed: 50mbps (or depending how Time Warner is feeling that day)

      Prestige: 12 lvl 24 (Updated)

      Mission Completed: 18
      Max Relics: 3
      Revives: 145
      Aliens Killed: 65560


      Preferred Class: Weapon Specialist
      Preferred Weapon Type: LMG, SAW if have the Double primary weapon skill unlocked
      Pistol Type: MP-443
      Ammo Type: Incendiary (Armor Piercing preferred)
      Support Team: Armor
      Strike Package: Sentry Gun, Vulture (Depending on the map)
      Equalizer: Any


      Armory Upgrades Unlocked:
      Faster Revive
      Higher Quality Incendiary Ammo
      Seeker Explosion Protection

      Start with a Skill Point

      Faster Health Regeneration

      High Grade Armor Piercing Ammo

      Damage Upgrade

      Stun Armor

      Sentry Armor

      Weapon Specialist Upgrade

      Keep Valid Attachments

      No Snare

      Vulture Extended Duration