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    Multiplayer A.I bots offline and online

      I like to see AI bots for online or offline play in local or party games.

      Like BO2 BO1 and ghosts.

      Anyone else likes bots????

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          Re: Multiplayer A.I bots offline and online

          I play bots a lot on splitscreen.

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            Re: Multiplayer A.I bots offline and online

            I hope we have some sort of combat training. It's very good for getting to learn the maps.

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              Re: Multiplayer A.I bots offline and online

              The Call of Duty games of the Black Ops trilogy had AI bots in Local Play and Private Match modes and Ghosts expanded on this by adding the Squads Mode and I think Advanced Warfare should continue this trend and improve on it even more.

              Squads: Probably my favorite thing from Ghosts was Squads Mode and I believe it was great in theory but once the game came out it was not nearly as good as it should have been. I think Advanced Warfare can expand upon it by allowing us to earn Supply Drops at the same rate as normal multiplayer while playing it as well even if we dont get as much XP (would prefer no XP limit on higher difficulties such as Hardened and Veteran). Beyond that I think the rest of squads mode was pretty much perfect as it allowed us to play the matches with our own customized teams the way it was meant to be and Advanced Warfare should let us be able to do that with all of our Customized Operators as well.

              Private Matches and Local Play: Not much to really change here except for making sure that the AI bots follow all the custom rules people make as well. So far if a certain weapon was restricted the bots would only use a knife instead if that weapon was originally in their class, what they need to do is use one of the other Primary Weapons that was not restricted so if someone restricted all the weapons except for sniper rifles than all the bots should use only sniper rifles as well. Ghosts got this nearly perfect but when I tried to do an all snipers match there were still a lot more bots with knives than there should have been. Also in Ghosts I loved that we could finally do 9v9 Ground War matches with the bots on the Xbox One and PS4 and believe that should carry over to Advanced Warfare as well.

              AI Bot Behavior in General: Ghosts had the best bots in the entire series so far and I believe Sledgehammer can improve on them a lot with what they are trying to do using the power of the Next Gen consoles. Right now the difficulty levels determine how fast the bot starts shooting its target after locking on it. Instead I believe all bots on any difficulty level should have mixed accuracy and abilities to stay on target to better mimic the diversity in gamers that play the multiplayer mode and that the difficulty levels should instead determine how "smart" the bots are in movement and strategy.


              Recruit: The bots would just move around without hardly using any abilities and will still try to shoot you if they see you with varying degrees of difficulty to mimic the skill variety with real players.

              Veteran: The bots will use boost movement and all of their exo suit abilities and their scorestreaks to the best of their abilities while also being able to use the huge field orders such as the Tidal Wave from the Multiplayer Teaser if they got the Care Package for it. They will still try to kill enemies with varying degrees of difficulty just like real players but would be a bit more skilled in that aspect. They would also trying to pull of strategic moves such as flanking their enemies and maybe even setting up traps at certain places in the maps and coordinate strategies with the other bots on their team! Sledgehammer may or may not be able to pull off that last part but one can dream.

              So that is how I believe Sledgehammer should improve the bots for those that want to play with the AI Bots in multiplayer modes. What are some of your ideas and how do you think Sledgehammer should do it?

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                Re: Multiplayer A.I bots offline and online

                No confirmation, but I'd be surprised if they weren't at least in Private Matches or Local Matches.


                Personally love having that option, I played the heck out of Combat Training in Black Ops, which I really felt helped me turn my game around and become a more effective player.


                I still will run private matches against the bots if I am just having a bad MP experience, need a warmup, or want to explore a new map.

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                  Re: Multiplayer A.I bots offline and online

                  I really like having offline bots. After MW2 I lost interest in online, so bots are a must have imo. Hopefully Sledgehammer (and the guys doing the last-gen systems) gets the bots to use the exosuit abilities to their fullest potential.

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                    Re: Multiplayer A.I bots offline and online

                    I like playing multiplayer with nothing but A.I's, because I suck at real multiplayer. I really do. I hope slugehammer will have it there.

                    and if not then I will stick with campaign.

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