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    My god...Its Titancod!!

      WTF!! Now look...I wished all you sledge guys all the luck in the world...but wtf have you done to cod?? People play it because its what it is..no vehicles, no gimmicks, no idiots in the sky...just plain old feet on the ground call of duty.

          So what do you give us...Everything except call of duty...bloomin titanfall and halo. If I wanted a jet pack to jump over everyones heads I wouldve bought Halo. Its like buying fifa and getting sniped or blown up???

          All the devs needed to do was throw in some real fun like charging elephant killstreak and funny stuff. Make the maps simple to navigate and interesting to explore. Its too easy to jump up high and become a sniper, snipers will dominate the game. You wont be able to move. How can you balance a map when you can get anywhere?

          And wheres the "you killed" player pop up centre screen I asked for?? Couldnt see it on the reveal? Oh well..back to squinting my eyes up at the killfeed!! Booooo.

          I thought the maps looked a little dull too apart from the outdoor tidal wave one. Look, I hated cod 4 to start with, but really...You guys shouldnt change the base formula, end of! Me dissapointed so far........

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          1. Re: My god...Its Titancod!!

          So I guess you won't be playing it then, huh?

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            2. Re: My god...Its Titancod!!

            This post has given me brain cancer.  Every word you typed is making my brain cells commit suicide...one by one.


            ~RUGGED SAVIOR

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              3. Re: My god...Its Titancod!!

              SledgeHammer is completely different from IW and Treyarch. It's not a jet pack, it's a exoskeleton suit. Oh boohoo it's like titanfall and halo, it's the end of the world I guess, it's a game and it doesn't matter. What's next you say. "They have guns in the game, they copied other games, stop them. You do know what Sledgehammer says, right? "Power Changes Everything" is what they say and it does say who you killed, it's on the left side bottom corner, you should know when they say "Power Changes Everything" means their gonna change things. Relax next game is probably gonna be black ops 3 and is made by Treyarch and your gonna have regular on the ground feet. Who knows, it shouldn't matter if they changed stuff or not, ENJOY GAMING WHILE YOU CAN and stop complaining it's a game copy. (Every game now is pretty much having the same ideas as another)

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                4. Re: My god...Its Titancod!!

                rustygun wrote:


                All the devs needed to do was throw in some real fun like charging elephant killstreak and funny stuff

                This is why devs, should not listen to the general public ..... ever.

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                  5. Re: My god...Its Titancod!!

                  This post has given me brain cancer? ...Idiot, if everytime you dont agree with someone you get cancer you must be riddled with it...and really bad and horrible choice of words by the way sniper!

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                    6. Re: My god...Its Titancod!!

                    So what did they do to COD exactly? They are adding the double jump? Ah yes.


                    But i guess having Michael meyers as a kill streak is not a probelm, Or is having a dog that runs and attacks faster than you can shoot, What is that magical box on the ground i just picked up? Oh i can call in a killstreak ending destroy the entire other team MOAB without no real skill.  But it is all good as long as i can hear my character in snoop dog voice over.


                    No son COD killed itself.

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                      7. Re: My god...Its Titancod!!

                      I dont mind anybody copying anything but not if it means changing the main structure of a game, especially one as finely balanced as call of duty. If one more person says "you can see who you've killed its on the killfeed" ill go mad lol. Its horribly tiny letters scroll rapidly and are tedious to try and read in the heat of battle and no one ever does. Why did they decide to stop the centre pop up. Theres plenty of info centre screen anyway so why get rid of that? Atleast have a toggle on off option.

                          Its a game and doesnt matter?? Well it will matter to a lot of people and if sales crash it will matter to sledge aswell!

                          Anyway analysing the reveal again it just may be fun, it certainly is different. I think the graphics pale in comparison to single player tho...looked a bit cartoony..

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                        8. Re: My god...Its Titancod!!

                        It don't matter cause every game has some same idea as another, ppl will buy AW, I'm sure of that, it should make more sales or more players in AW than it did in ghosts.

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                          9. Re: My god...Its Titancod!!

                          My favorite line in this post is "no gimmicks".

                          No gimmicks? Seriously? Cod is one great big gimmick.

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