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    Treyarch..The Kings Of Cod


      This goes to the devs. Thankyou for giving us Black Ops 2. I love it, and heres why...I'm going back to play it for the next year until the next one!

          I just sat through a bs sledgehammer mp reveal with a wtf look on my face for half an hour or more...Advanced Warfare sucks cow boob. No really, were they kidding? That wasnt it was it? They were joking right? Halo has stormed activision and held sledge at gunpoint surely?? Everything that makes cod great, the basic feet on the ground no gimmick formula has gone..replaced by flying snipers. No one Ive spoken to is impressed. This new instalment will fail.

          What I love with black ops 2 is the "you killed..." player card that pops up centre screen when you kill your friends. Its essential in private games when teasing your opponents is where the fun is. Sadly Ghosts and the new advanced warfighter have removed it...for some strange reason,  leaving a game void of fun banter because nobody cares to look at the tiny transparent scrolling killfeed to know who theyre shooting..The result is a mindless kill anybody who cares rampage that takes the personal touch out and makes the whole game feel disjointed and incomplete.

          I loved the colourful maps on bo2 and the mega variety like boats and waw style arenas. I loved the killstreaks too, ghosts were very limited and boring although I liked some ghosts maps, especially the dlc. The bots too are always welcome. But its the simplicity thats so addictive...easy to navigate open maps and feet on the ground playstyle.

          So give please Treyarch...in 2015 bring call of duty back, bring the fun back.

          Ps idea for bo3 killstreak...charging wild elephant...and several other funny noisy killstreaks.

                       Thanks Treyarch

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          You should be eating your words right now. The past few days have seen the game completely abandoned. Game-play is horrible, Apocalypse is dead and buried, and matchmaking takes forever. I am sorry I ever bought that season pass, and will certainly learn from that mistake.

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              Not sure what game you have been playing, but it hasn't been BO2.. I've been on at several different random times, and haven't seen under 115,000 players yet.. The connection has randomly sucked at times, but that comes with it.. They removed that playlist because barely anyone played it.. They gave people the Double XP and 24/7 Nuketown.. They may add something back in it's place.. Either way, the game is in no way, shape, or form "abandoned.".. And to the OP, an Elephant Killstreak would be great.. I mean who could get mad at being trampled by an elephant lol..

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                  Disagree about the elephant.


                  However I do agree about the game being anything other than abandoned. I see 150k nightly. Last I checked Ghosts was scraping 120/130k across both generations. I've never seen a current CoD outdone by a past one.

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                      Couldn't agree more, look if I wanted to play Halo, I would've bought it, I'm not sure why I have to keep playing games that are 2-3 years old before I break down and buy the new POS they put out, just for the hope the server is better.  BO2 is currently a pain with the inability to find a lobby, but it's 1000x's greater than ghost.  I am SOOOO confused why they continue to go in the opposite direction of their customer's wants.  I wish there was a strong competitor out there that could really do a better FPS game, I would play it in a heartbeat.

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                  what sytem do u guys play on im getting a xbox 360 just until advanced warfare comes out and im getting the 1tb xbox one. im getting black ops 2 and making a clan tag called CHKY.