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    Am I the only one doing this challenge?


      Nothing make me more agitated about public games than when a weapon challenge like sniper kills pops up and I notice im the only trying to do it but everyone is destroying everything I am trying to kill. The challenge is just completely ignored.  That's why they're called challenges people, sometimes they are challenging.  To me they are the funnest one's.  These are the games I back out on.  Because oooooohh I'm not giving up my rapid fire for a stupid challenge. Jeez

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          Lol ikr, I don't care if I lose my attachments, if you hear them say that then tell them "there is a keep attachments upgrade for only 10t.

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              Yeah, most attachments don't transfer from a sub/assault to a sniper so doesn't really help.


              Anyways, I always try to do the challenges unless I know for sure I can't (ex. They blast away at all the aliens not letting me get any kills). I really hated on Nightfall when the sniper challenge came up in the end (I was going for completionist) and no one helped me. We had all challenges except this one. Sad part was that I had managed to get 22/25 kills. Had one person helped would have gotten it so I just went solo and did that one. 

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                A little nuance there, it's keep "valid" attachments.


                It's only one challenge though. You won't die of not completing it.


                If i play POC, and i didn't upgrade my pistols, i'm not gonna throw away a fully upgraded M27 for that challenge if it pops in the forest.

                However if someone is attempting it, it's only natural you help out with flares and running, or holding them with a shield.

                Even with a mic and/or chat people still shoot them when you throw a flare.

                That's indeed frustrating.

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                I run pistols only and if I'm playing with mic'd folks...I let them know up front. 1 person can get finish a weapon challenge as long as the team doesn't ignore (to your point) the challenge and is blasting away.


                flares and running around seems to work well. It's team based, but some random pubs don't get it still.

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                  It's definitely frustrating to be the only one attempting the challenge.  i always go for each and every challenge that I am able to do.  Thus can't do a gun challenge if I'm running pistols only.  The thing is that we should have and use mic's and inform everyone at the start of the game if there are any challenges that we can't do.


                  I did not care if I lost any attachment even before the keep attachment upgrade was available.


                  But I understand that when I play with randoms, I'll meet all sorts and just make it my personal challenge to at least try to accomplish the challenge.  I get annoyed when they don't try and maybe don't go out of my way to help them later in the game.  Oh no! you down bro, that sucks. (depends of my mood)


                  But it is an entire different thing when not only do they not help and actually cause you to lose the challenge because they're stealing all your kills.  It is maddening when they take all your kills with the wrong weapon or worse the freaking GT.


                  Can't do anything about it but finish the game and search for a new lobby (I want my teeth) but not before letting them know why you won't be playing with them anymore.  Do it in a polite manner so that just maybe they'll learn.

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                    1. I tell them beforehand if they aren't going to participate in weapon challenges to not shoot aliens and turn sentry guns around. But man awakening makes it tough sometimes to keep my .88 challenge ratio
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                      That's why it's nice if everyone is mic'd up. You can ask for help. But of course that's no guarantee either, as some people just don't care, or they want the point but don't want to spend the cash for the weapon. I've gone through games where a person will have the full 6G's and never spend any of it, leaving everyone else to throw down.



                      The frustration...

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                        I know this is off topic, but I saw FetulKnievel in a lobby last night - his stats are impressive!

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                          People dont want to try that challenge for so many reasons. 1 they dont want to give up a weapon that has attachments. Solution upgrade your pistols to level 3 that way your 2nd primary can be just for challenges. 2 they dont know how to snipe and work as a team. The challenge can be done easily if everyone talks with each other and has a plan for it. Easiest way to do it is let them go to the drill and pick them off 1 by 1. Or throw a flare make sure you turn those sentries around and just keep shooting and throwing down boosters and ammo because you will run out.


                          I wont play with players who dont have a mic. No communication no play. People get greedy with kills and dont let players complete challenges at times. If they dont do the challenge then they dont get completionist and thats 4 teeth wasted. I wont play with noobs anymore because they dont do challenges and its not worth an extra tooth when you can gain 4 with players you know.

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                            There is nothing more frustrating then hearing I dont want to give up my gold gun!!! As for me I never get attached to any gun . If I am running pistols only I make sure the lobby knows before hand. But I will always drop $ and throw either fast hands or ammo for the others and just run around and be bait till the challenge is complete

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                              I always do weapon challenges because I play as a weapon specialist 99.9% of the time, so usually I can solo all except the sniper one.


                              Whenever I get the sniper challenge, I always ask the lobby if they want to bother with it or not. Usually if we've already failed completionist, we just skip the sniper ones.