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    COD Ghosts Most Under-Rated Guns

      In COD Ghosts what are your favorite guns that no one else really uses?

      Top 5 Guns- Most Under-Rated, COD Ghosts - YouTube

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          Re: COD Ghosts Most Under-Rated Guns

          I've been using the FAAD a lot lately.  It's one of my "go to" guns.  I'm not sure if it's underrated, but I don't see that many using it.  Mostly see Honey Badgers (another "go to"), or MTARX.  Also see a lot of Snipers, L115/USR.

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            Re: COD Ghosts Most Under-Rated Guns

            I have since day one, and continue to be, a big fan of the Maverick AR.  I also have the MR-28 on most characters and a strange affinity for the MTS-255, which I don't understand beyond the cool 6 chamber pistol like design.......

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              Re: COD Ghosts Most Under-Rated Guns

              5. PDW, 4. CBJ-MS, 3.ARX-160, 2.LSAT, 1.K7, The PDW is great cause you may have a tough time long range  though but when the people are up in your face those 3 burst are just enough to make them rage quit the game, The CBJ-MS is great in tremor and Free Fall using steady aim and rapid fire, the ARX-160 is perfect when you have a shotgun attachment, the LSAT is a great LMG in general with it's amazing fire rate and accuracy i'm surprised that people aren't using it cause it is actually quite a powerful LMG low range and damage don't match up against Fire Rate and Recoil, The K7 it's just an amazing SMG perfect for S&D/S&R with it's built-in suppressor make's it one of the most low ranged weapon's but that does not matter cause i plan to get close up and kill them with my gun from right behind them i would make you mad by having all the stealth perk's and hiding on top of every dead body there is and you would never see me coming the weapon is great when used the right way by the wrong hand's mwahahahahaaa

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                Re: COD Ghosts Most Under-Rated Guns

                the SC-2010 is a really good one that i use but rarely see

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                  Re: COD Ghosts Most Under-Rated Guns

                  Definitely the ARX, it really is a good weapon but hardly see it used.

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                    Re: COD Ghosts Most Under-Rated Guns

                    My favourite guns are: (in order)

                    1. Honey Badger - I have used this for ages, it's the best gun of it's type for me.

                    2. L115 - I have got used to this recently, I find it great for sniping.

                    3. The Ripper - It's not as good as they say it is but it's good for both, short and long distance.


                    I think the most popular gun of Ghosts is the MTAR-X.

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                      Re: COD Ghosts Most Under-Rated Guns

                      I can think of two big ones: the FAD, and the SA-805. I only see the SA a handful of times (my clan leader's gold one baffles me ) or in those default classes people run, and I rarely ever see the FAD.


                      Statistically the SA is the MW3 SCAR-L and G36's love child; 769rpm (G36), 40-25 damage (G36) and up-right recoil (SCAR-L), with a longer range than both (closer to SCAR-L's). However both the G36 and SCAR had a massive 60% recoil reduction on the first shot, meaning they were far more accurate especially when tap fired, and despite the SA having more centerspeed than the SCAR, it's nowhere near as precise, so it's not really viable at long range. It is a beast in its 3hk range though, so I'd always recommend a muzzle brake to destroy AK users out to mid-range. I personally don't use it.


                      The FAD...has a face only its mother (or Peruvian designer) could love, but it is my baby. One of my most used weapons, I have a permanent KEM class set up for it, seperate from my Honey Badger/R5 KEM classes, and an assault streak class with extended mags. A fast fire rate (one of the game's fastest when frame rates are fluctuating), 3-4hk always, strange but decent irons, almost built in extended mags, and a very controllable vertical recoil pattern, a slightly exaggerated version of the R5's pattern in fact.


                      The MW3 FAD was unusual for three reasons: a faster than average ADS time (0.25s), 4hk at best (every other primary auto was 3hk at best, excluding the M60), and a 900rpm~ (frame rate dependant) rate of fire (everything other AR fired at 600rpm or 720rpm, most of the time), which was a trait of rapid fire SMGs. It had low recoil (the exact same recoil as the M4, believe it or not), but because it fired faster than the M4 it couldn't recenter as well and was less accurate as a result. Ghosts' FAD has more typical features (3hk up close, 720rpm~), but despite being more "normal" it's definitely underused.


                      It's very accurate if you're disciplined with your trigger finger, and for the first EIGHT bullets of any burst or spray, it has a 10% recoil reduction. If you use a grip (-10% recoil) and only fire in bursts, you're essentially using two grips, and it shows. The only thing that makes the R5 more accurate is its slower fire rate (allows for better recentering of shots); in fact, if the FAD fired at the same fire rate as the R5, it would have less recoil than the R5 and even the SC-2010, with better damage too lol


                      My only gripes with it are the virtually nonexistent 3hk range (worse than MTAR) and damage profile, meaning that Deadeye does nothing but increase its 3hk range, rather than reducing the number of bullets needed to kill. This is why I keep a KEM class with it seperate from those for the R5 and Honey Badger, so I can make use of more perks like Blast Shield or Blind Eye. It's one of my go-to weapons when I want precision at range, with around 27.8% accuracy to this date.


                      Despite everything, it's not a close range weapon...with great accuracy, a competitive (and sometimes fantastic) rate of fire and 4hk at long range, it's a long range monster. It barely has a 3hk range anyway, so put a suppressor on it and have fun melting suppressed R5, AK, and SC-2010 users across any map from you. It out TTKs all of them once the suppressor gets to work on ruining their range profiles


                      Also, the Ripper is underrated for a couple of reasons that people probably aren't aware of, though I'll keep those to myself because I'd rather keep destroying with it than getting destroyed by it

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                        Re: COD Ghosts Most Under-Rated Guns

                        I've MP'd now and not sure if I want to reset yet as I like my gold camo(i know, i know). Maybe someone can confirm if these get kept if you reset? I understand dlc camos do but not so sure about unlocked camos.

                        So far I've got gold:









                        I think I'm about 15 kills shortly after reloading away from the gold for the FP6 and I'm close to getting the ARX gold but struggling for these long shots, any ideas? I gave up on the USR as I mainly play DOM so lying prone (40+ of these left) for the whole game bores me and often my team mates will flip the spawn at really inconvenient times (hey ho).


                        I've immensely enjoyed using all of them and my go to soldier has a gold camo setup with each of those weapons. I've gone through periods using the MTAR, FAD and SC trying to get used to them but I'm having a really **** time so being able to flip back to a better soldier for the next match makes me much happier.

                        I'll give the FAD another go later when I'm on and maybe set up a soldier with FAD and ARX again, then the FP6 for close range maps.


                        I've seen the LSAT more often in the last few weeks and picked it up a few times but it seems the most popular weapon is now the Vector. Everyone and their gran has it equipped with muzzle brake and extended mags, or so it appears!

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                            Re: COD Ghosts Most Under-Rated Guns

                            I can confirm that you keep your gold camos (I've reset myself). You also keep patches, operation progress and associated unlocks (ghillie suit etc.), and game mode-specific leaderboard stats (for example, I still had thousands of kills on the TDM one).


                            Tip for ARX long shots: semi auto attachment. It changes the damage profile (gives you a 50% increase if you hit the torso), meaning that instead of requiring 3-6 shots to kill, you'll need just 2-4. You'll also get a 600rpm rate of fire (same as MR-28), and because the ARX has 15% less recoil for the first two shots of any spray, that'll be applied to your single shots too. However the only problem is that the semi auto attachment also boosts the ARX's range by 15%, meaning you'll need to be killing people at quite a distance to reach its minimum damage, which is the only point at which you'll get a "long shot". For this reason, I'd also recommend going into a hardcore game mode. Everything there requires a max of just 2 shots to kill anyway, so it'll be far easier, especially with the semi attachment and the accuracy it provides.


                            Yeah definitely give the FAD a try. I've had a really sh!tty time this week (since I downloaded the latest patch) with lag, and tonight was no different. I only had one game that I found enjoyable, out of maybe 50 (I was determined to get something out of my session today), and that was a game of TDM on Overlord. I joined it late and pulled out my FAD class...a few minutes later, I crossed Overlord off the "maps left to KEM" list haha


                            Yep, the Vector...the new MLG sheep gun smh lmao

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                            Re: COD Ghosts Most Under-Rated Guns

                            IMO Top 5 underrated guns:

                            1. K7

                            2. FAD

                            3. Bizon

                            4. FP6

                            5. SA-805


                            If you're going to make an underrated list, the guns should be at least in the bottom half for popularity. The Ripper and Remington R5 are extremely popular so putting them as underrated doesn't make much sense.


                            Best guns objectively:

                            1. M27-IAR

                            2. Honey Badger

                            3. MTAR-X

                            4. Remington R5

                            5. Vector CRB

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                                Re: COD Ghosts Most Under-Rated Guns

                                Exactly, I don't get how overused and even overrated guns are underrated. By overrated, I mean called "OP" when they aren't lol. But there's definitely a difference between underrated (better than they seem) and underpowered (eg. K7, second highest auto recoil in the game with low range, the lowest damage in CoD history and average rpm).

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