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    Scorestreaks:  I'm hoping for the following.

      • I pray that UAVs are easy to shoot down via bullet fire.
      • Here's a good idea:  Let's say two classes have only one scorestreak--the support UAV (which costs 600 points).  Since the points do not reset upon death, let's say I've earned 300/600 points for that UAV, but then I die.  When I switch to the class with the same exact 600 point support UAV, I believe the 300 points I earned should carry over (as long as the streak itself is support and is exactly the same in different classes).
      • I hope there's no 25 killstreak like the MOAB or KEM strike.  I don't want to see objective play turning into mindless slaying just for that streak.
      • For the rest of the possible "unknown" scorestreaks to be revealed later, I hope they're less focused on manual control.  I like for gun-on-gun to remain important.
      • I mentioned this in one of my videos, but I hope the streaks aren't overpowered.  From what I've seen, they're more powerful than the streaks in Ghosts, but less powerful than Black Ops 2.
      • I would like specialist to return.  I know everyone wants specialist.


      What are you hoping for?