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    AW p2p?

      Anyone have information if AW is going to have dedi's, or will it still have this crappy p2p garbage?

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          1. Re: AW p2p?

          Advanced Warfare Xbox One


          But if you are waiting for dedis to get rid of lag you are living in a dream. There are bad sides to having dedis as well as bad sides to P2P.


          If you get high ping to a dedi then you will always have high ping to a dedi. Thats why some people cant play well on Titanfall servers. If they get 1 or 2 bars that is the best they will ever get.


          Lets look at it this way. Some people say this game now has dedis and as a "scientist" I must admit that there is a possibility there is not anymore.. If it does you cant connect to them. So what makes you think if AW has dedis that you will be able to connect to those ?


          IFthe game has dedis now it looks like one of two options, 1) you dont have a good enough ping to connect to them so you are stuck with P2P or 2) you are connected to them and assume that just because you died you think you arent connected to them. If they say they will have dedis how do you know you wont have the same problem ?


          I would say instead of rushing out to buy the next "bug infested COD game full of hackers and no dedis" I would say rent it or wait a while. Cause I predict it will be just like all the other CODs. BUT you will still buy it and make the same complaints next year too. You will be acting like AW will be the only COD full of bugs and hackers all over again..

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            2. Re: AW p2p?

            Read all about dedi's vs p2p.

            Thats why there are hundreds of posts at Titanfall and BF from players asking that they dump the dedi's and go with p2p... What? No wait...


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              3. Re: AW p2p?

              No. What pathetic is your lying. People are complaining about lag on dedicated games. Stop acting like there will be no lag or connection issues cause you know there will be.


              give you Titanfall threads out there  And this is just the first page just on the Xbox ONE.....

              "I am also seeing this all over the place. I'm also having lag issues I've never seen before. Though the latency is only in Titanfall. It's making the already tedious MVP challenge even worse."

              "When I play in N/W Europe Servers I get so much lag,"

              "Today mostly, me and my 3 friends are all experiencing random lag spikes in game. Ping with be normal and then suddenly jump to 300 or 400 for a couple min then drop back down and continue doing so for the entirety of most of our games. Help!"

              "But this weekend was bad. Horrendous lag"

              "servers started crashing and lag increased"

              "Well how about strengthing the servers before adding anything. What's the point in playing a new game type if your gonna lag or be dropped from it on occasion"

              "Ok for the last few weeks the lag in titanfall is getting to be so much of a joke like MW3 what happens to the server in this game. The last match i was in was so bad my team where down to one bar while the other team have full bars once"

              As a matter of fact about 2000 posts in that forum just complaining about lag.

              Titles like

              "Getting impossible to play Again"

              "awful hit detection"

              "getting tired of 1 bar people running the game."

              Oh Man So much lag"

              "I cant play this game anymore"

              BF4 .....

              "I run BF3 and BFH smoothly, no lag spikes, but when running this game, gosh, the lag is so bloody annoying.

              how to fix this lag?"

              "With at least the last three updates, the game has suffered from stuttering, rubberbanding, random teleporting, frame drops, freezes, and overall unbearable lag,"

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                4. Re: AW p2p?

                And meanwhile you are still going to buy it and complain. Just because they havent given an answer yet doesnt mean they will be there or not.


                Besides as you been told for months dedis wont fix lag.

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                  5. Re: AW p2p?

                  Lag won't be "fixed" by dedi's. It will reduce it and will fix a pile of other problems associated with p2p being run on a large game. Thats why virtually every other game has dedi's EXCEPT COD. Estimates claim the sale of a couple DLC's would easily pay for dedi's to be set up, but that would mean Activision would have to care about player experience rather than suck every last cent into their pockets from the COD cash cow. Besides they have fanboys that will argue for every crappy move they make regardless. Here come the Derp Squad!

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                    6. Re: AW p2p?

                    Estimates from the sale of DLC will help pay for it ? Only if everyone bought all the DLC. You have no clue how much it costs to run a dedi.


                    Dedicated Servers Explained "Warning: Wall of Text"


                    You cant guarantee it will reduce it, it can make it worse. You have no idea where the dedis will be if they get them. And as I said you cant even see the fact that if dedis DO show up its very likely you wont connect to one. You cant connect to one now so again what makes you think you will connect to one in AW if those dedis are in the same places ?


                    You cant reduce lag in a game if your connection is 75 ping to a dedi and to a P2P host. You will still have the same exact lag issues , it wont be reduced. Dedis will not reduce your ping from the same distance away. If you are 500 miles away from a dedi and 500 miles away from a P2P host your game will be the same. All you will miss is dashboarding hosts and host migrations.

                    And if you are further away from a dedi than you are with a P2P host that also will not reduce your problem , it will make it worse. If you got people from 1000 miles away in your game you still will have the same issues regardless if the dedi is the host. MATCHMAKING parameters is what reduces lag not dedis.


                    You see you mix up calling people fanboys who see the world the way it really is. I have great connections to dedis in both BF and Titanfall but it doesnt make it better going against some guy that has 1 bar or 2 bars. That player will have 1 or 2 bars every single game he plays on a dedi. Period. So no in that situation it will always be worse because every SINGLE game on a dedi I will have 1 bar or two bar players in my game. With P2P I have LESS chance of getting those 1 bar players in my games.

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                      7. Re: AW p2p?

                      Good Quote from the internet....


                      According to VGCharts Black Ops 2 has sold approximately 20 million copies globally across the Xbox 360 and PS3 platforms. It’s unlikely that all of these copies will be online at any one time but it’s wise to have a server set up that can accommodate a good portion of this, so what might that cost? It’s impossible to say, but consider this; 1.5mb/s from a potential 20m games is 30Tb/s. You can be sure that this kind of task cannot be outsourced to a service provider as it would simply drain their entire resources. Activision currently run a reported 32 datacentres worldwide that service all Call of Duty titles that are still in play online, as well as popular titles like World of Warcraft and Guitar Hero. If they were to provide dedicated servers to the millions that play Call of Duty they would need a number of server farms specifically for that purpose.

                      In order to acquire the real estate for these farms, they would either need to buy land and build, or buy out existing datacentres which is a cost that would run in to a number of millions even before they’ve fitted any hardware or employed a single person to maintain the servers. As you probably know, Call of Duty Multiplayer is ‘free to play’ once you’ve bought the game (and Xbox Live if on the Xbox) so unless the gamer base were prepared to absorb a substantial fee to play online it’s not really feasible for Activision to go down this route and pour away millions in profits in order to appease a small minority of the community.


                      Why the current system works


                      Costs aside, even a dedicated infrastructure would struggle to cope with the demand. You might have heard about the Activision servers that went down following hurricane Sandy that resulted in substantial loss of online service to gamers in some regions. Under the current model, if an issue with a server arises the game will migrate host responsibilities to another user that has a better connection to a working server, and at worst you would have a regional issue. If it were a case where all players were connected to a server that went down, there would be a total loss of service in that region and a whole lot of gamers that have no choice but to attempt to connect to another server in a different location. The result of this is would be an overload of the next server which in turn would crash.


                      They have been considering this for years since at LEAST MW1 and they decided to go against it. And the whining of a small minority of players who have no clue what they are talking about will change their mind.

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                        8. Re: AW p2p?

                        Funny. I know exactly what it will cost for COD to have dedi's. The same as it costs all those other games. I can't believe Destiny is making such a huge mistake by going with dedi's instead of p2p! What a mistake! Why would they just throw their money away on dedi's??? They will simply go under with that financial burden like all the rest.

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