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    Ghosts insignia pack problem


      So, I recently bought the Hardened edition of Ghosts from Amazon.co.uk (Late I know but I was busy with other games) and was excited to enter in my code for the insignia pack. I waited about a week since the purchase to make my cod account and enter in my code. Yet, when I type in the 13 digit code, it tells me the code is not valid. Strange, since the game was sealed when it arrived, and my season pass code worked, so why will this one not work. I've tried everything. With caps, without caps, spaces no spaces, even with these line things ( - ) and yet I still receive the same error. Am I doing anything wrong (using a pc, logged into my cod account, linked my xbox account, and am on the website that was on the piece of paper in the game), or do I have to contact Amazon or activision to complain and get a new code? Still if the code was used, why not use my season pass one as well? I don't understand. Any help will be extremely kind.