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    I keep freezing in Bo2

      So i have been having a problem with my bo2 disc because whenever i get into a game i used to be able to go about 5-7 games without freezing then it got worse to the point right when i join a game i freeze and have to do a hard reset. My disc is in good condition and there are no visible scratches and i clean it often and i have also done a system rebuild and restored the file system multiple times. Basically ive tried all the troubleshooting options and it still doesnt work. Ive been reading alot and people are saying its my disc reader so i was thinking should i get the digital version so it doesnt freeze anymore, i heard its better anyways, also will my dlc still be there even though i went to digital because i have all of the map packs. If anyone can help me out it would be much appreciated.

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