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    Wii U Ghosts Competitive Battles

      Hey guys,

      I know it's tough to stay active on Ghosts nowadays with all of the Advanced Warfare information being revealed. Also, many of you are probably prestige master on Ghosts by now. I'm only 4 levels away from Prestige Master, and i've been this close for about a month now lol, just can't find the time to finish off the last 4 levels.


      Regardless, over the last three months, I have put together a website where you can battle against other users in the community on Ghosts Wii U, and a few other games. It's set up similar to gamebattles on MLG. The Wii U isn't active on GB, and since I have a large following on my YouTube channel from the WIi U, I figured I may as well develop something. At WiiUCenter , you can play competitive against other users, use the forums, post your YouTube content, and more.


      In our Battle Arena, we currently have over 70 singles (1v1) teams, many registered clans and teams, over 300 registered players, and about 100 matches on Ghosts in the last day alone. (We launched on August 12, 2014).


      Anyway, sorry for the advertisement - if you're interested, head over to WiiUCenter and sign up for competitive play on our battles arena ( Battles at WiiUCenter ). I think it brings a whole new aspect to CoD Ghosts on the Wii U, and is very fun! If you are in a clan or on a team, feel free to bring your whole team and sign them up!


      PS. - Hope we'll be hearing some good Advanced Warfare Wii U news soon