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    Pistol Ark Attatchment

      I Was wondering what everyone thought about it.

      i Have been using it since I purchased it. I have tried it on all the pistols and dont see a big difference.

      Still takes about same amount hits for kills.

      it looks pretty.

      noobs always ask about 'what cool gun it is I'm using. '

      IN in which I reply ' that one over by the truck' lol


      when it is fully upgraded to dual/akimbo it has an Ark on each gun which is rad.

      i Feel once it's fully upgraded it more powerful....

      but out overall don't really see a huge difference.


      xbox 360

      Gt: Th3 JEDI


      not sure how to change my Forumn profile as my GT is different.

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          Re: Pistol Ark Attatchment

          iI'm pretty sure that has a damage boost, I was feeling my pistol as a primary in terms of damage. I tend to believe that magnum receives the greater boost.

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            Re: Pistol Ark Attatchment

            I love the ark on my graach. It is easiest to see playing solo and you are able to drop rhinos 1-1.5 mags faster. It typically takes 5 mags with incendiary ammo so that's roughly a 20-25% damage increase.

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              Re: Pistol Ark Attatchment

              I Love it. im not sure if there is a damage boost, but it feels like it. I use the Magnum.  I find myself using the pistol almost exclusively up until we beat the 2nd barrier on POC.

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                Re: Pistol Ark Attatchment

                It does a lot more damage; some have tested it but all you have to do is use it to see the difference. I now make sure I have dual grachs for the final fight on Exodus. No matter what my primary, and even if I have an ark on it - and especially if I don't - in those really close and hectic quarters dual ark pistols really shine. You can blast with much greater effect while being able to dance around trouble, grab drops and run away when needed. One of the easiest ways to down rhinos quickly, and works on the ancestors too if you get up close and personal.

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                  Re: Pistol Ark Attatchment

                  PS3- I have all the upgrades, & loving the Pistol Ark. WS(fully upgraded) & the Pistol makes a huge difference.

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                    Re: Pistol Ark Attatchment

                    its 20% ive tested on rhinos and hunters with the grach and it takes me 66 shots without and 55 with on rhinos and 10 without and 8 with on hunters

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