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      -Goes into dropzone-

      -Spawns in-

      -Dies instantly-

      -Spawns again-

      -Dies again moving 2 inches-

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          Dropzone is impossible in this game, health is too low for that fast paced mode.

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              Drop Zone is a great mode if you are in it for the objective, know how and where to get into the Drop Zones and live longer and can put K/D aside for a while.  The biggest problem you run into playing Drop Zone is those players who don't get the concept of the game, don't care about the concept of the game and just use it for K/D whoring.  The only spawn problems I have encountered is I have seen up to 3 member of the other team spawn in a new DZ as I come up on it.  That will wake you up!!


              This helped me.  I went into private matches with just me and set up Drop Zone games on the primary DZ maps and then went to each DZ and found where all the boundaries are and just how far you can actually be from the DZ tubing ground zero and still be in the Zone.  It is quite enlightening. I can get into a DZ and rack up several hundred points without even being seen much less getting killed (and before anybody starts... it's NOT a glitch or a cheat).  Of course I don't get many care packages but it's points that win the game not how many kills or CP's you get.  There have been plenty of times where the DZ changes and everyone runs away and I come out of my spot and catch a last minute CP arrival and don't have to hyperventilate to try and get it.  Nothing better than carrying a Sentry Gun or IMS to the next DZ just because you happened to be the last man standing when it was delivered and everyone else had gone.  It's the only game I know of where your entire team can go negative K/D and completely destroy the other team.  You just have to orchestrate it correctly.

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              K/D whoring is bad Dom too.


              I've never been in a DZ game where the score was close, it's always lopsided.

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                  Re: LOVE THE SPAWNS IN THIS GAME!

                  All you need is 1-2 guys on your team that know how to get in and survive the Zone for extended periods of time (35-40 seconds in each location) and don't care about their K/D getting drilled.  I have seen points racked up from one Drop Zone by two people alone open up the game and put it out of reach for the other team.  And this can be within the first 2-3 minutes of the game. Even though the other team is calling in 12 Helicopters, Vultures, Dogs, Helo Pilots, yada yada yada your racking up 20 points a second versus 30 seconds of maybe they get a kill maybe they don't!  Plus your team is getting their fair share of raining death from above fun too!  Your right it can get lopsided pretty quick.  I have however played games where the final score was within a hundred points.  Those are the ones you come out of with your heart in your throat and can come real close to having to go clean out your pants!!    The reason it seem like such a spawn, die, spawn, die thing is that you generally have enemy guys coming at the Zones head on and Flanking to it.   The spawn points seem to fall into these paths.  I've not run into any spawn trappers in DZ but yes there are the kill whores.  I would guess it's because the DZ is not a fixed point the whole game.  Like I said, I've seen players spawn right in on the DZ and I've been fortunate (and unfortunate) to do it as well but usually that means instant death from the rain of grenades, rockets and the hail of gunfire that is coming into the DZ at the same time.  The best is where you spawn in and the DZ just happens to re-locate to near you or right in front of you and your the first one on it.  That's at least an easy 150+ points before the shiit hits the fan.  

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