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    DLC Sentry Gun/Guardian Glitches

      Hi Everyone,


      Ever since I downloaded the recent DLC update, I am unable to move and/or control my sentry guns once they have been placed. Same goes for the guardian, I cannot move it after it has been placed. It's as if "hold b" doesn't register at all for those score streaks, but reload works fine. This problem only happens on multiplayer, as everything works fine during local.


      Based on the advice of Activision, I deleted the update from my Wii U and re-downloaded it. After the first attempt, it did nothing. I deleted the update a second time, but it still did nothing.


      Has anyone else been experiencing this issue? Have you resolved it? What did you do to resolve it?





      -Addendum: I noticed this at first but I thought maybe someone was using a perk, but I planted a sentry gun one round and it just sat there and did not fire at anyone. I watched it. When I planted

      a second sentry that same round it shot everything in sight. So, there is definitely something up with the score streaks.

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          Re: DLC Sentry Gun/Guardian Glitches

          Just tested for both the Wiimote and Pro Controller and both work fine.


          What is your button layout for the Gamepad/Pro Controller?  I tested using the default layout and holding B works without a problem.

          Have you tried changing a few buttons around, such as the Crouch button, to see if it sorts it out?

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              Re: DLC Sentry Gun/Guardian Glitches

              Oddly enough that worked! I switch from "default" to "classic" and "y button" worked. Then I went back to "default" and "b button" started working again. That was weirdest thing. My girlfriend's account is on my Wii U too and she was having the same problem too. I don't care why it happened, but it's fixed now.


              Thank you for the suggestion because it worked!

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                  Re: DLC Sentry Gun/Guardian Glitches

                  Seems like it may not only be the Wiimote that got a little messed up with the update :/  Please be sure to make a note of any other issues you may run into.


                  Anyway, glad to hear it's sorted for you now!


                  Happy killing

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                    Re: DLC Sentry Gun/Guardian Glitches

                    Yeah, it only worked that one time. It started doing it again. Changed to every button layout and it didn't rectify it.


                    Until a fix comes, I will have to be sure I plant the first time and earn a second sentry if I want to place it elsewhere.


                    Damn, Nuketown update! I don't even like that level too.


                    Thanks for helping out. I'm going to "unmark as correct" your answer, just so it brings awareness, and maybe get rectified.


                    Game on!



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                        Re: DLC Sentry Gun/Guardian Glitches

                        Ah, crap.


                        The button combination (for each button layout) didn't work?

                        And you hadn't changed any setting or tweaked anything after it worked the first time?


                        I'm generally feeling the same way regarding the Nuketown2025 map.  I've yet to even play it in a public match and it's only brought a bunch of problems with it.


                        Hopefully they will revisit us (soon) with some fixes to smooth the wrinkles.

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                            Re: DLC Sentry Gun/Guardian Glitches

                            I am a creature of habit. When everything is working fine, I don't change a thing. I already got used to this issue by being 100% sure about where I should place my sentry and/or guardian. I won't hold my breath about a quick fix by the devs. It is just weird that adding one map would cause so many problems and glitches. My only theory is that they copied and pasted the code from a different console and didn't beta test for the wii u. (Unless, we are the beta testers for a larger dlc coming.)


                            Nuketown is a map that lives up to its name: bloody carnage, no moment to rest. More high paced than Hijacked.


                            Thanks again.

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                                Re: DLC Sentry Gun/Guardian Glitches

                                Like-wise to being a creature of habit.  I'm not holding my breath for a fix, but some attention from the devs is warranted right now, for sure.


                                They added in some fixes along with the map, this is evident from the changes to the Wiimote.  I wouldn't have thought that it would have effected DA controllers unless they altered something within the global control code itself.


                                Improvise, adapt and overcome.  That's the best we can do right now while holding onto a little hope that the devs throw some support our way.  Who knows, maybe there is some more content coming.  The odds for that are really low, though lol

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                                    Re: DLC Sentry Gun/Guardian Glitches

                                    bughunt wrote:


                                    Improvise, adapt and overcome.  That's the best we can do right now while holding onto a little hope that the devs throw some support our way.

                                    I choose to play Ghosts instead and wait/hope they fix the controls.  I like it much better anyway, but giving these controls the same treatment will make this game more tolerable for me.  Really hoping they do that.  Especially since, for the first time ever, I doubt we're getting the next COD title.  I really want Advanced Warfare, but I honestly am doubting that we are getting it.  I never doubted we would get BLOPS 2 or Ghosts, but I'm have my doubts this time. 

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                                        Re: DLC Sentry Gun/Guardian Glitches

                                        I can limp along fine with the controls as it is, but I've practically done everything for BO2.  All weapons diamond, all streak challenges complete, etc, etc.just 5 or so challenges left to complete before I've tapped the game out.  I just play other games more.  Currently enjoying getting all shiny gold medals for TimeTrials on Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze.  Half of them done and is the only thing I have left to do for the game.


                                        Fixing the controls would be fantastic, especially if they incorporate the controls from Ghosts since you've spoken so highly of them.


                                        I'm not entirely convinced that we will be getting Advanced Warfare, either.  I was ever so slightly dubious about Ghosts and never had a doubt with BO2.  I may be fine with them supportng the older games wth additional content, but that is not entirely likely.  Most people will just continue to jump ship and get the latest yearly release so the player count issue will still be a limiting factor.

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                                            Re: DLC Sentry Gun/Guardian Glitches

                                            I play other games.  It would just be nice to have more than one good COD game.  I played the heck out of BLOPS 2, but Ghosts is just superior.  Far less lag, better hit detection, better map design (my opinion), better weapon balance, and the controls in Ghosts make BLOPS 2 feel broken in comparison even before they made them worse. 


                                            I'm working on Mario Kart 8 and Super Mario 3D world.  By the way, I recently got a 3D tv that can simulate 3D with 2D content.  I don't use it on COD as I'm sure it adds input lag to the equation, but I use it for all my other games and it's really cool.  Mario Kart and 3D World look great with it.  There's not a ton of depth to the 3D, but it's just like playing a 3DS (if you've ever seen one) on a 65 inch TV but with much better off angle performance.  You don't have to be lined directly up with it.  Very nice.  Can't wait to try Splinter Cell with this.


                                            But yeah, no COD in 3D.  The TV only has 6-16ms of input lag depending on the type of test.  6ms would be more accurate as to what the human eye could detect, but even if that wasn't the case, 16ms is like computer monitor territory.  Adding to that delay would defeat the purpose.

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                                                Re: DLC Sentry Gun/Guardian Glitches

                                                If Advanced Warfare doesn't make its way to Wii U then I may pick up a copy Ghosts.  BO2, compared to pretty much all other CoD games I've played is just inferior on so many levels.  Connection is bipolar and almost vindictive.  The Wiimote controls left much to be desired and even more now, thanks to the update.


                                                The Wii U needs better FPS games in general.  I'd happily move away from CoD if a competitor came along that demonstrated better netcode, better map design, better support.  I am a lover of great and open map design.  This cramped 'nade spamming, in you face cluster shoot of some of the small maps in CoD gets old real fast.  From what I've seen of Ghosts then some of those maps seem right up my alley.  I actually wouldn't mind a revist from some of the maps from MW:R.  I really enjoyed the varied types and sizes, especially design.


                                                But yeah, if no Advanced Warfare and no additional support or content, then I'll grab Ghosts.  It's going to be new to me and will be interesting to jump into that after others have already adpated and figured out the maps lol  Should be fun


                                                I'll have to look into the 3D TV fun.  Sounds like it could enhance a few games in a subtle way.


                                                lol yeah, I have this grudge against input lag.  My HDTV has around 14ms of input lag with all features on and Game Mode off.  Not tried with Game Mode on since it performs fantastic and still gives a high quality image without it.  Turning that on would only turn off some post-processing that would drop the image quality by whatever amount, so no point.  I spent a good while looking into TV specs from various models before I settled on this one.

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                                                    Re: DLC Sentry Gun/Guardian Glitches

                                                    Me too.  I turned down a lot of TVs with great picture quality to get one with low input lag.  The wife wanted 3D and this is one of the few that I saw that also had a good 3D review.  So that kind of worked out. 


                                                    Simulated 3D is cool and adds depth, but watching a 3D blu ray is mind blowing.  It's like they're in the middle of the living room.  I always thought those TV commercials showing folks run around the living room to simulate the effect was exaggerated.  Turns out it's not.  Gotta find one with a good review though.  The only downside to this TV is it's an IPS panel which means the black levels and contrast ratio leave something to be desired when watching in a pitch black room.  After calibration however, they are definitely good enough (thank goodness).  The plus side of the IPS panel is it doesn't lose color saturation when viewed from off angle.  Most LED tvs start losing color much faster as you move to the side.  They look great dead center, but lose color and contrast as you move to one side or the other.  Some people don't notice, but video enthusiasts will cringe (that's me).  This one doesn't have great contrast to begin with, but it doesn't change as you move off angle.  And again calibration made it sufficient.  Of course I don't play COD with those settings.  I play in game mode.  Pretty much everything is turned off.  It also has a motion blur reduction setting that doesn't increase the input lag.  THAT, plus the 3D for the wife, is what sold me on it.  Even if I couldn't calibrate it to get those deep black levels it wouldn't have been a big deal.  Leave a lamp on (which the wife prefers anyway) and it looks fine.  I don't really understand how that works, but it does. I guess it looks better because the black levels are darker than the room.  Whereas in a pitch black room, the levels can appear grayish when not calibrated because the room is darker than the TV. 

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                                  Re: DLC Sentry Gun/Guardian Glitches

                                  what dlc update mate, was more released?

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                                    Re: DLC Sentry Gun/Guardian Glitches

                                    Looks like the recent soft update, which brought Nuketown into map rotation fixed this issue.


                                    Thanks for admitting you broke the game, developers!

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