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    To the angry average gamer...

      I know that some of you have hundreds of hours logged in Ghosts and still wondering in frustration, how some of these guys online can always finish positive, like SUPER positive? And you may suddenly think that they MUST be using an UAV hack, aimbot or the dreaded wall hack! And all this talk about Learn to Adapt and Map Awareness are all bogus. as surely logging playing this game the equivalent of a calender month doing the same crap will make you a sick player, right?


      Anyway, we all dealt with this type of player. The guy in the lobby that doesn't really stand out in game, but will call out anyone above them as a cheater of the worst kind. The guy that claims to know how to play the game but only is average in the long run. This is also the player that claims to be the hack police and will not hesitate to spam the report function. This is the player who complains it's unfair to go against a party of very good players and matchmaking is flawed.


      IMO, the angry average gamer is what is wrong with the community after much thought. They waste the developer's time with false reports and are the type to nerf this, buff that. They are the ones who have no idea how to learn to adapt and when you explain simple strategies to improve their game, a reaction would go something like, "well, if they brought back UAV I wouldn't need to rant" or "guns kill too fast" or "maps are too big, I want Nuketown."


      Angry average gamers will congregate with other angry average gamers to create a party of angry average gamers. And when they go against some decent folk, often these angry average gamers would leave the game early or stay afterwards to accuse the other team of some shady tactic (camping, rushing, hacking, killing them, spamming air support, not playing to have fun etc.) then proceed to find another lobby where this cycle repeats.


      The angry average gamer will never play with players better than them as they would rather call them a cheat than a simple "Nicely played" as often their actions don't end up resulting in a party invite or friend request. This only happens with the courteous gamer and often those types of players are what the angry average gamer despises as the angry average gamer will never acknowledge other people's skill for what they are.


      Lastly, the angry average gamer claims they are concerned members of the community, when in reality they want others to cater to them. Whether its developers caving in to their demands or belittling how other people play as it's not fair for the angry average gamer to be playing against opponents with the skill above those of a recruit level bot.


      In my opinion, this is how I feel about the angry average gamer, I'm done ranting. What about you guys?

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          Re: To the angry average gamer...

          I see where you are coming from, but I wouldn't let it get to you.


          In all honesty, the game sometimes brings out the worst in us.. I know it has done it to me several times. You think you are doing everything right, but still take a death and it is just frustrating as all get out.


          When I play I find myself spewing profanity after frustrating moments, and I am normally not one to curse frequently. And yes, there have been times when I have accused someone of cheating. Why? There are just times in game where it seems like the only way the guy who killed you did so is because they must be cheating. There is sometimes no logic, at least in the moment, for how or why you died, especially in HC where you get no kill cam.


          And when guys string together abnormally strong games, especially over and over again while others struggle, it really brings those feelings out.


          The sad thing is, we are all jaded from years of dealing with hacks and cheats so it seems perfectly feasible that someone is cheating.


          I've gotten to a point now where I make a point of trying to control my reactions in game. I try not to curse, I try not to accuse, I try not to get involved in childish arguments. But the game can be frustrating sometimes, and hard to keep your cool.


          I've had games where I've been accused of cheating... and it just sucks because I know I just finished one of my strongest games. 


          CoD has gotten to a point where you are best off being an average player. Score near the middle of the pack and nobody says anything. Score at the top regularly and you are a hacker or cheater. Score near the bottom and you are a useless Noob. Sad we've gotten to this point.

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              Re: To the angry average gamer...

              Not really down on this and this won't stop me from playing, that's for sure! Just an observation through the eyes of the not so average player. I navigate through these forums and online in multiplayer that players are never satisfied for whatever reason. It's pretty frustrating that makes me miss those laser tag days where we all shoot each other and it wasn't a big deal on who got the highest score as long as the team won and everyone had a good time. I don't ever recall after a round we ever call someone out for being cheap nor throw f-bombs at one another. Now in CoD, if I were to have a good game, I would be called a hacking n***er (even though I'm clearly not black) or below average gameplay would get called a scrub. This is the online gaming generation, angry folks that can hide behind a random gamertag and say god knows what over a microphone. Thank god for the mute button though.

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              Re: To the angry average gamer...

              To be fair though a lot of rants and raves are due to the shaky game mechanics themselves i.e "there is no way i lost that gunfight" it gets said a lot, and to be honest there is some truth to it. There are countless, actually too numerous times this has happened to me, hence why the game is utterly jaded on me, where it is absolutely glaringly obvious that i should not have died. I don't blame the other person but the obvious game flaw i.e lag itself and that peeves me off because it has zero to do with skill. A lot of players would attribute this to "oh they are hacking" but it is just lag and to be honest that player has every right to be frustrated and angry as on any normal setting they would not have died.


              As for the other kind, they have no legitimate reason to be angry with the game or players, if they cant adapt then that is their own fault.  Lag however and other game mechanics including legitimate hacks cannot be adapted to with any sort of effectiveness, so frustration is the outcome.


              Mute is a friend either way and if i hear someone angry in the lobby i generally leave as that can rub off on other players and affect the way they play.

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                  Re: To the angry average gamer...

                  I agree that lag is a reason to be frustrated. But for some players who have logged hundreds of hours, it should be expected that lag is going to be a part of it. But being frustrated at the game is one thing, but verbally abusing people because of something beyond their control just makes players look like total douche bags. Glad to know there's reasonable players like yourself.


                  The lag issue is something that is more prevalent and makes the game very difficult to play. The matchmaking is broken with players getting thrown with others from halfway across the globe and we all deal with it sadly.

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                  Re: To the angry average gamer...

                  I faced one of type you are complaining last night. He had a buddy and they were cursing everyone  and everything that went on from his teammates to his enemies and of course the weapons (TUBES!!!) It was like 4 games of complete audio abuse for everyone else in the lobby. One game in particular he was complaining about having to carry the rest of the team. He went 41 and 5, with 2 caps. I went 16 and 12 with 11 caps. I didn't feel that he carried me, but I never said anything. He finally left the lobby with his buddy to troll and chase a couple from the other team who had been outplaying him but quit when they started losing the game. All around bad gamers.

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                    Re: To the angry average gamer...

                    DocChoi wrote:


                    Anyway, we all dealt with this type of player. The guy in the lobby that doesn't really stand out in game, but will call out anyone above them as a cheater of the worst kind. The guy that claims to know how to play the game but only is average in the long run. This is also the player that claims to be the hack police and will not hesitate to spam the report function. This is the player who complains it's unfair to go against a party of very good players and matchmaking is flawed.


                    one thing about Ghost is (in my experience) I experienced this less than BO2, in that game there was always someone complaining of the top players "cheating" or doing something. Mind you we had the "master prestige copy / paste" thing but that wasn't it, it was dudes so paranoid, that anyone who beat them, had to be cheating.


                    As a player, a player who has NEVER and will NEVER cheat when I am called on or questioned, I laugh.


                    The dudes who worry, are worried for a reason

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                      Re: To the angry average gamer...

                      Dear Lord do I hate these kinds of players!


                      Until I begin sophomore year and dive in to my Psychology class, I have yet to fully understand every angle of reason and logic as to why that crowd of players does what it does. The experience with this on Ghosts trumps what I've witnesses on Black Ops II (except for a fine gentleman calling me a ****** for using Millimeter Scanner with Smoke Grenades), but I digress. I am the target of many insults and vulgarities for the weapons I used, equipment I used, tactics I used, for still living, it drags on.


                      These so called pros are indeed a reason why COD is the way it is now. Instead of kicking back and relaxing while playing the game, they grind through it and idiotically attempt to justify themselves and sound off their vocal cords at everyone and everything. It's just a game, but that concept is akin to a minority in this entitlement generation.

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                          Re: To the angry average gamer...

                          I'd say they are like this because they can hide behind a gamertag and abuse people in a way you would be put in jail for in public - EVERY American player I have encountered uses the N word repeatedly. Think I've had 1 or 2 positive conversations since buying my X1 on release day. Sad we cannot lose gracefully as it s just a game!

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                          Re: To the angry average gamer...

                          One thing I will say, is that I never accuse anyone of cheating or hacking.

                          I primarily play BF, but I have played every CoD since it's birth. I will say that Ghosts seems to be a bit more of a frustrating experience.

                          The BO games were by far my favorites, but coming into Ghosts late in the game it took some time to once again change up my playstyle.

                          In Ghosts it seems that a lot of players just sit in a corner ADS. It is irritating, but I try not to rage.

                          Once I got my reflexes back, I started to notice that there is a good bit of BS in the game by some players. But you know what, it is just a game. I may not be the best in this game, but past titles I've been accused of hacking and all that.


                          By the way, as mostly a BF player, I give you guys and gals props on these forums.

                          Everyone seems to be a bit more mature than Battlelog.


                          Yes, there are plenty of squealers in game, but these forums are a breath of fresh air.

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                            Re: To the angry average gamer...

                            I am the average gamer. I had a .98 kdr until I started trying to get all my SMGs gold. I'm down to a .92 thanks to those pieces of craps. But I enjoy getting all my guns gold, I like the challenge.

                            I like playing with good players. Just about everything I've learned, I picked up by watching better players on the killcam. I think you have to give most of us average players a little more credit. I can tell the difference between a better player and someone that is gaming the system, (be it hack, mods, or something else). If I get the drop on a better player, they usually die. They don't get three shots into them without a hit marker. It's not killing a better player that's a problem, it's getting the drop on a better player. There is a big difference and most average gamers know that. I've come a good players from different angles trying to get the better of them and just get my butt handed to me. They aren't cheating, they know the maps, the spawns, and the flow. They aren't tracking me through buildings waiting for me to round the corner, they are taking a calculate risk that I'm coming from a certain direction. I can tell the difference.

                            I've been playing COD from the very first game. Never got into the multi-player until Modern Warfare, which is still the best COD ever. MW 2 was ok, MW3 sucked. It was a lag fest for the ages. I didn't really care for Black Ops 1, but loved Black Ops 2 (I know a lot of people didn't like it, but for all its faults, it was fun).

                            Ghosts sucks. It has potential, but it seems they decided the MW3 matchmaking and networking were just fine and went with it. Every single DLC has messed up the networking just a little more. To add to all this, there are websites out there specifically dedicate to hacking COD. Why Playstation, Xbox, and Activision aren't going after these people for copyright infringement and anything else they can nail them on is beyond me.

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                              Re: To the angry average gamer...

                              I think it is a mixture of good and average players that make up the cryfest. I usually mute everyone because of this unless I am playing with my clan or friends.  I do like to listen to the crying in free-4-all. Seems like there is a lot more in there. People find it hard to believe someone killed them 1v1. I consider myself an average player, I reset my stats because i was bored and thought I would climb the prestige ranks again. I guess I didn't learn anything because my KD only went up .08, from a 2.02 to a 2.10 so far. My win percentage has taken a huge hit because I am mainly playing solo and it seems everyone is kill whoring in dom and kc.


                              As for people actually cheating, I have only ran across one person I thought they were suspect. I guess I have been lucky. There was a guy who was trying to get people to vote for a guy who he claimed was cheating the other day. I played 3 games of dom with the guy who was crying and finally i followed him around the map a couple of times. The guy wasn't cheating, he was just doing a little camping but this guy ran the same path to him every time. Just feeding him kills. No one would have to cheat to kill this guy.

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                                Re: To the angry average gamer...

                                ya, everyone is a N*****R in this game. sad it has come to this. lobbies are brutal in PS3. but on PS4, we have party chat. party chat FTW!

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                                  Re: To the angry average gamer...

                                  I get the "angry average player" point and like how you've elaborated on it, but think you could drop the average. Whether its an inexperienced, average, or leet player.................... its the angry that brings us and the game down.

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                                    Re: To the angry average gamer...

                                    Ragers and internet tough guys are very amusing.  I once had a guy pretending to be on the phone with ATV as if he was working there.  He said something like:  "Yes, tell Bob from 5th floor that there is a hacker named so and so."


                                    Crazy hilarious. 

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                                      Re: To the angry average gamer...

                                      Doc, I agree with almost everything you said - except the part where you complain about solo players that complain about playing against parties. That's a two-way street. Yeah, there's plenty of solo players that, let's say what we really think of them - they suck - yet want to gripe and moan about how unfair CODlife is to them.


                                      But too often that is egged on by some weak dyck jackazz in a party suddenly thinking he's proZ leet because he's on a winning team. It never fails - the absolute worst two players in a party will start insulting random players for their poor performance. Never fails. The hilarity of it is that it's always the two loud-mouths in the party that suck as bad or worse than half the randoms in the lobby.


                                      I've got guys I party up with from time to time. There's no contest - against randoms, it's a turkey shoot with turkeys that have no wings. That's just not fun to me. So here comes along another party and guess what? They leave. Hmmmm. Wonder why. The problem isn't that random players back out or dashboard; the problem is that partied players won't play against other parties. They see the kdr's and wlr's and, oh, no, can't do that. They want "easy" idiots.


                                      Well, cry about how randoms react all you want - something went wrong with Ghosts to drastically reduce the player population. Yes, there are all kinds of theories out there as to why, but the fact is NO ONE enjoys being humiliated match after match. And if that's what COD wants to dish out, then pretty soon you won't have to worry about people backing out or complaining about parties at all.


                                      They simply won't be playing COD.

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                                          Re: To the angry average gamer...

                                          This, so very much this.


                                          I play solo mostly these days, just not on enough and my crew is never anywhere to be found.


                                          So, like everyone else, I have to deal with playing with Randoms against Clans or Parties. Many times I am the guy on the losing team of randoms that frustrates the hell out of the Clan/Party and does well while the rest of my team goes negative, sometimes I just get my butt handed to me, and other times I am able to help my squad of valiant randoms to a victory.


                                          What cracks me up in the first scenario (when I play well but my team loses), the Clan/Party in question will often leave.. usually with an excuse about the "lag" or "campers".. you know the usual CoD excuse list.


                                          In the second scenario, when I struggle and my team gets annihilated, The Clan/Party typically sticks around, unfortunately usually boasting about their prowess at the game and hurling insults at the others in the room (This is not always the case, I have played against some really cool folks in Parties/Clans. Often it is one guy out of the bunch).


                                          In the Third, when I play well and my team wins (Or just wins I suppose lol) It is exceedingly rare for the Clan/Party to stick around, again making their exit with the usual CoD Excuses... though some pretend they have to "pick someone up".


                                          I feel like a lot of times, it is the Parties/Clan members that get angry or feel entitled.

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                                          Re: To the angry average gamer...

                                          There's also the trend of players who complain, berate, threaten, yell at other players over the very weapon or attachment used:


                                          --I used the Millimeter Scanner in BO2 on a Vector with Smoke Grenades to capture and defend flags in domination --- called garbage for using a sight to see through walls


                                          --I used a grenade launcher with Danger Close to clear domination flags, drop zones, or someone behind cover --- I'm a noob


                                          --I used a Ballistic Knife in conjunction with Concussion Grenades to take out people at choke points or flank routes or behind cover --- I'm now classified as a female dog


                                          It's pathetic that counters exist, yet they are not utilized when they should and players point fingers at anything but themselves to blame for a simple death or a death that completely changed the tide of the match.


                                          If you're playing on Stonehaven and you want to counter the snipers, get a class with Incog, Quickdraw, and a Marksman Rifle. Choose the SVU with a silencer since it's always a 2 shot kill if not a 1 shot headshot at close range.

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