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    The Maveric A2 Catch 22

      I caught some flak for this class build in a lobby and I thought I would throw it to the community for some seggestions.  So, recently I decided to modify my maveric a2 sniper rifle class. I was running up to this point with the variable zoom scope and Armor piercing rounds. I was running it a very typical sniper class, quickdraw, focus, gold pdw, and some equipment and some filler perks. Well, I was using the sniper rifle to post up in an area for a short duration.  Then I would swap to my pistol and move to a new firing location or patrol.  After experimenting with the class I found quick draw really wasn't making all that big of a difference on the class.  So, I decided to swap it out for the extra attachment perk.


      I tried adding the chrome barrel to the sniper rifle first. However, the added recoil made it impossible to fire more than one shot a second with any degree of accuracy and I am somewhat of a spam sniper if there are multiple targets in my scope.  So, I took chrome barrel off and put the supressor on the gun.  But, with the supressor the Maverick A2 loses the lower chest and belly regions from it's one hit kill area which, is difficult to hit at long range on a moving target.  So, I found that the best choice between these two attachments was to use neither of them.  At least for the way I like to utilize the sniper rifle.  I know there are certainly players who prefer the gun this way and what ever works for one person is the best option. 


      The problem I ran into was with my pistol.  The extra attachment perk allowed me to add extended mags to the muzzle break I was running on it. That has made the class work considerably better as I am a quite good with pistols in this game and having two attachments makes them cosiderably more competative with the primary weapons.  So, right now my primary sniping class has the maverick A2 with the variable zoom scope and armor piercing rounds because that is the way I prefer it.  However, I am still using the extra attachment perk to basically get extended mags on my pistol and having an open attachment slot on my primary weapon. 


      Anyways, I was playing on a team with the class and one of my teammates ended up scavenging my sniper rifle.   I had already told him I was using two attachments on my pistol early in the match while, we were shooting the breeze.  He wanted to know why my sniper rifle only had two attachments.  I replied it was set up that way because that is how I like it.  I got called an idiot for using 3 perk slots for a pistol attachment.  But, at the end of the day that attachment has gotten me quite a few kills. Hey it's my class, and my perk slots so if I want to do that it's my choice. 

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