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    Quick Question, but need answer ASAP...


      Hi! To those that clicked upon this, thank you. There's a problem going on with my PS4 console, and it's been acting up so much lately. The PS4 I have is a Day 1 model and it has a lot of bugs and system errors. Case in point, I've had enough of it and I'm going to replace it with a newer model pretty soon. My question is, will I lose my game licenses and digital applications (DLC and Items purchased in the PlayStation Store) if I move to a new PS4 and log in there? I have the season pass for COD: Ghosts and a few camos, and I don't wanna lose my content, but mostly the season pass, because I don't want to lose my map packs. I'm not sure if my content is saved onto the console's hard drive, or onto my profile. If it doesn't save onto the console, how exactly do I make sure I have access to my content on the PS4? Do I have to re-download everything onto the new PS4? I need an answer pretty soon! Helpful Answers would be appreciated!  Thank you very much!

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          I've deleted my data for Ghosts before and was able to re download all the content that I purchased, camos, map packs, etc. Just need to make sure you using the same PSN sign in.

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            Hope I didn't find this too late for you


            I don't really know much about a Day 1 model (I'm sure it's as self-explanatory as it sounds), but I think all content (DLC and whatnot) are linked to your PSN account, not your console. Of course you'd have to redownload everything for your new PS4, but you wouldn't need to buy it all again. Though strange as it sounds, I have two PSN accounts on my PS4 (ones for soloing), and every bit of DLC I've got was bought on my main, though I can use it on my other account. I don't need two seperate PS+ subscriptions either...this leads me to believe that DLC is tied to your PSN, and accounts are tied to your console once you've set one as your primary system, allowing you to share between accounts on a certain console.

            So yeah, in short your content is saved on your console's HD, but tied to your PSN account. You'd have to sign into your PSN on your old console, deactivate that console as your primary one for that account, sign into your PSN on your new console, set it as your new primary console, restore licenses(?), then redownload all your stuff again. You won't need to pay again though if someone could confirm those steps that would be great. I've only ever had one PS4