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    Damn You COD!


      Not sure what's going on since the last update, but how many of you are being thrown into a game that's right at the end and/or are experiencing crazy amounts of lag? This is ridiculous, seriously. I get all revved up to start a game only to repeatedly join a game that has a minute or two left, then if I don't like the map I back out of that lobby and poof, it happens all over again. I also recently purchased the Nemesis pack and haven't once seen or played in one of my newly downloaded maps? What gives?

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          Nothing changed with that, everyone gets placed in a started game at some point, and if you keep quitting out, chances are you're going to keep getting placed in a half game. You want a solution? Stop quitting out of games, ride it out and you won't keep having half games. I seriously doubt it's happening "repeatably" once and while is more likely. It sounds like you have a rage quitting habit or repeatably quit for what ever reason, just stop it and your problem is solved, poof...


          Nemisis is it's own playlist, it's not in rotation with the others.

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            i have been getting this for the last week

            and when it does happen it is not only this game that goes but all of my other games that i play away from Xbox360


            it is starting to get very Annoying

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              I don't have this happen, because I join a game, ride it out, and go back to the lobby on even footing again.


              You are creating your own problem here, hand in hand with the quitters who put you in that situation to begin with.