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    Ghosts population on PS4 & Xbox One

      Just wondering whats the average amount of players online on PS4 Ghosts and Xbox One Ghosts.

      i'm not sure which next gen console to get. (most of my real life friends are on playstation)


      i've seen from multiple stream, ghosts on xbox ranges about 5k-15k?

      what about PS4?




      PS. i have no intention to start a console war

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          Re: Ghosts population on PS4 & Xbox One

          Not only is PS4 outselling XBONE by at least 2:1, but the numbers online for ghosts are higher as well, between 20-40k, on average. Id say its a little late in ghosts lifecycle for ghosts to sway your decision either way, IMO.

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            Re: Ghosts population on PS4 & Xbox One

            I'd say 20000 players on X1 average and up to 30000 at peak times


            Both consoles have their differences but if your friends are on PS its probably best to go with the flow. I prefer the X1 but admit I've never played a PS3 or PS4.  Its also an idea to see which console specific games will be released i.e some on PS will not be released on X1/360 and vice versa - lots of releases in the next 6 months to consider.


            Ghosts has low numbers which shows how few people play it and this will dwindle around releases of new games and obviously AW in the next few months. I wouldn't base a console purchase on 1 game to be honest...

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                Re: Ghosts population on PS4 & Xbox One

                thanks for all the replies guys!! really appreciate it! im leaning towards PS4 cause most of my friends are on that platform and i've played on playstation for a long time (dont have an xbox )  . i have no hate towards any consoles but i thought this could generation i should convert just in-case that the population on PS4 is too low. but coming from you guys' response it seems pretty even. Thank you!

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                    Re: Ghosts population on PS4 & Xbox One

                    I'd say the safest decision it to go with the platform most of your freinds have. Both are good consoles, so you can't go wrong either way, but to me, it sucks to play online alone.


                    I was always a PS player. Loved the games and exlusives it offered. However, most all of my friends had Xboxes. They got really into Halo, had a lot of fun and such and I was left out. Stuck to Playstation until around 2012 and bought a 360. Started playing with friends and have never looked back. GAming was SO much more fun online with them. I kept my PS3 until recently for the exclusives. Finally traded it in since most likely nothing significan't will come out for it. I'll most likely get a PS4 when price drops, maybe Holiday of 2015, to play some of the exclusives. But most of my gaming will be done on the X1.


                    Unless X1's exclusives are very attractive to you, you might as well stay with the PS.

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