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    [PC] Im looking for a NOOB Clan to join!

      Im just a beginner and just want to have fun not no serious gameplay I just want to play for fun!

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          Re: [PC] Im looking for a NOOB Clan to join!

          Thats just it. For some reason you don't find noob clans on PC. They all are these amazing gamers for some reason flicking/snapping to their targets left & right.


          Basically PC is a cheaters platform, you may find a newbie clan with new players, but I seriously doubt it, Most players on PC start off using cheats because it's so easy to go undetected from vac and Activision anti-cheat. Yes these systems ban some cheaters but certainly not all. Some coders have the system beat and that's all there is to it. It's a system that people have beat which means we have many cheaters.


          From my experience. PC Clans are all composed of above avarage aim-hero's snapping to targets. (but none are cheating).


          Anyhow, Good luck in finding a new clan or guys who came together in PC that arent using cheats to snap onto target and pretend (it's me! I'm pro!). Again, I doubt you'll find any newbie clans with below average players. There's no reason for it. WE CAN CHEAT AND PRETEND WE ARE GOOD!  The AC system is easy to bypass! i have the cheat right here guys! we are all pro!

          Again good luck. LOL.

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              Re: [PC] Im looking for a NOOB Clan to join!

              Dude, you need to stop lmfao.... youre killing me.

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                  Re: [PC] Im looking for a NOOB Clan to join!

                  Ya well it's the truth, whether it kills you or not.

                  You can't go scrutinizing how all the top players in these clans aim so good. because if you did you will see thay all "snap" to their targets. 1 swift swoop that stops dead on the target. Sorry this isn't how everyone with a mouse aims. all the top players across 10-15 different clans all snap to the target in the same exact way? yeah right!


                  It's common sense, if they were all legitimately great they wouldn't all "snap" the same way. just like every baseball player doesn't swing the bat the same way or stand the same way when they swing a bat, or throw or catch the ball the same. everyone has their own style. These clan fools with their "snapping" "flicking" aim are jokers. Snaps on a mouse are for BIG turns like 180's. We slide our mouses on a desktop don't we? key word = "slide". A "pro" aiming with a mouse should be sliding around his targets (like scribbling on paper) many mouse movevements should be in a circle motion, not always "snapping" on them in a direct line just like a cheat program does for a newbie who sucks at aiming. It's obvious that the top players across many clans are using aim-cheats.


                  90% of your PC clans are frauds using aim cheats..

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                Re: [PC] Im looking for a NOOB Clan to join!

                Hey man,


                First of all, most people want to enjoy the game, and hacking infringes on that capability (at least IMO). I wanted to be in a clan reeeeaaaally bad from when I started to when I was invited to one yesterday (woohoo!). The best place to start getting to where you want to go--again, IMO--is by making friends while playing. If you see someone you might be interested in gaming with, hit F1, click the right-facing arrow in the top-right corner on the screen that appears after pressing F1, then scroll down to find that player, click their name, and ask to be friends... Lastly, I'd be happy to game with you. I game cleanly and honestly--it's the funnest way. I can also introduce you to my friends/clan members if things work out. Best wishes, and look me up!


                ~ StomPump83 (DemBrng)


                P.S. - Don't internalize any of the negativity that swarms around the CNS of gaming. Just enjoy being a noob. You only get to be a noob for so long! Before you know it, you'll be a killing machine! :-)

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