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    movement is like walking in mud

      the movement on this game has gone to a sticky environment that constantly has my player stuck while walking every 2 secs it stops slows down or wont move at all. i have one controller 2 weeks old and 0ne 4 weeks old. same thing

      just press forward on your stick and watch it will walk like 3 steps and stick then move then stick.

      i hard wired the controller to no avail.


      on the exact same controller i hook it up to the ps3 and play black ops 2 no one single issue at all.

      i challenge you to try and walk up the stairs to the library on stormfront

      i guarantee you'll get stuck just press forward on the stick only and watch. this issue is all over the maps.

      its ridiculous.

      oh might as well put it out there if you cripple your upload speed through your router you'll be a God.

      because of the poor tuning the crappiest upload latency gets the advantage for some reason.

      thank god this game is almost over. its been a joke since day one.