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    ExO Genesis Gaming is recruiting! All types of gamers welcome

      ExO are a gaming clan looking for new awesome members to be a part of their community. We are an Xbox 360 focused community with a spot for everyone. We have devoted parts for different types of gamers and different types of games. If you are a Ghosts person we’ll place you with a load of Ghosts gamers and likewise for other games, from GTA to Halo. You won’t be alienated.  We also have forums for discussion and a chat box if you just wanna see if you can get a quick game.  We are operating a slick, smooth, fun gaming community. And we welcome anyone providing they are over 13: http://exogenesis-gaming.com/register.php is where you can sign up and MAKE SURE YOU SET THE REFERRER AS LEDANCE123. After that to find which battalion works best for you: http://exogenesis-gaming.com/showthread.php?1229-Joining-ExO-(Join-a-Battalion) and select the one which you think gives you the best social interaction and apply. If you’ve got any questions reply in the feed and I’ll be happy to assist.