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    Nightfall on a LAN PS4 problems

      Brought my PS4 to my friends cabin for the weekend. He has internet access, but we saw we could plan Extinction over his LAN! So we played Nightfall, made it to the 3rd zone, and then the problems began.


      We played twice. Both times the problem happened at the exact same time. We make it through beating 11 hives... hive 12 is the last one in the third zone. As soon as I place the drill, my friend gets booted out of the game. When he is back in the menus he can "look" for LAN games and doesnt see any. (Even though I am clearly still in the game). What is going on?


      The first time I got killed before we could figure anything out... The second time it happened, my friend immediately rebooted his PS4, started COD and got to the LAN menu and could see my game... he started loading, but before he could load the game I died.


      The other problem we had is that when I hosted the LAN game, I had to play as a 4th level extinction player... but he logged in as a 35+ level player that he is on the internet version. WTF is up with that?


      Thanks in advance for any help. Playing the game on the LAN was virtually lag free... really quite fun.



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          Re: Nightfall on a LAN PS4 problems

          Update, we played again this morning. This time I could not host the game, but my friend could. I got booted 3 times from the game as we played.... the first time was right after hive number 3. Then again after hive 11, just like last night. Then finally got booted after battling the boss for about 10 minutes... so frustrating.


          Also, even though my friend hosted today, I wasnt able to use my online extinction character... but leveled up from 9 to 14 during the game. Im clearly doing something wrong.

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