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    Hmm which upgrades to get.


      Well this isn't really a question its just I cant make up my mind, I run WS and my girlfriend always runs medic, we have set ourselves the task of getting the double class by the time advanced warfare comes out.


      But there are a few others I want to get on the way such as the killer ammo and the ark for my pistols, but here lies the question, is it better to upgrade my pistols with the ark or to buy the master scav and have the chance to get the ark on any of my guns?


      Also I am looking at that sniper deadeye but I currently use a grenade turret when I grind on PoC purely due to getting the extra kills or is it worth dropping the the turret for the vks and a shield on my back?


      Also are there any upgrades you would suggest, we both have our upgrades for our class, as well as locker keys and several others which I cant remember off the top of my head

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          I would not recommend getting the sniper dead eye because its only affective on scouts. The master scavenger is really worthard it becuase if u have get the Ark, well self explanatory it's the best, the hypno knives make them last longer have more health and do a little bit more damage, the flares are red and last longer. The cryptid ammo is okay but it's 2000 points to deploy it. So if your gonna get that u might as well get the start with 1000 points. Pistol ark isn't that bad. If u play solo or with 1 other person. It works better because the pistol ark does 20% damage and with 4 players the hunters health is 3 times the amount in solo. Your best bet is to buy alot of the low teeth upgrades because they're pretty helpful. Don't forget to get the hypno knife the rhino, it's essential for the run back, plus it's a good destraction.

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            if you are looking for the double class , i suggest you to get the "class upgrade frequency boost"  for 200 teeth.

            together they should be simply awsome

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              i've got the Pistol Arc attatchment. I can't really see that it's all that more powerful. sometimes it's nice having the Orange Blood splatter effect to let you know when  the Cryptid you're shooting dies. especially when you're running low on ammo.


              these others i don't have, just have played with people that do.


              the Master Scavenger seems kinda sketchy. we played in a lobby last night with a guy that had it. of course he announces it and tells everyone else to NOT search any boxes - "i'm going to get you guys an arc" (absolutely going off on one guy that did search one at the beginning).  having only 1 person search every single box on the entire map made the games extremely long and quite boring. we played 4 games with him, and found 2 total Arcs. which he  took both. meanwhile us other 3 players were just allowed to take the crap he didn't want - and once again, none of us got arcs. might be useful if playing with friends that agree to let you search everything. but trust me, it won't take long before in public lobbies people realize its pretty random and just give up and start searching themselves.  i think they should have made it where there's at least 1 arc every game.


              the Cryptid slayer ammo is pretty nice. especially since you can upgrade it like 3 times and just like normal ammo, it completely fills your guns. i just ran 2 games where a guy was throwing it down. once again it's hard to really know if it does that much more damage. seems a little expensive at what, 500 teeth? guess if you have them laying around though, might as well.


              the sniper deadeye thing, i've heard 2 or 3 say that it doesn't work. i don't have it, so I"M NOT SAYING IT DOESN'T. just relaying what i heard. they said it still takes 2 or 3, sometimes more shots. seems to only work on the small guys. and really why would you be shooting a sniper at one of the small Cryptids.

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                  Agreed...playing with someone with ms makes the game long and boring...I am starting to ask if people have it in the lobby...if they do I will usually back out.  CSA is next goal for me....pistol arc is probably way less op than I used to think but still is a LOT of fun ...experience once you have akimbo going.....

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                      Why back out? Just because they have it, doesn't mean they have to search the boxes. Or is it because you can't be bothered with them ******** and whining about it, then eventually backing out? Which of course I can totally understand - no point starting a game everyone's gonna quit because of something like search boxes.


                      I find the people I play with (randoms I mean), if they ask me (or I some times say I have MS), will actually let me do the boxes because they want the goodies. Also, I very rarely take the first Ark I find, I will always give the first 2 or 3 up. All I ever want is Extended mags, which I tell people and they are usually fine with that.

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                      The sniper upgrade is pretty naff, however doing the kill with sniper challenge with randoms ( ie. on your own lol) the extra cash from kills enables you throw ammo down, I have failed the challenge before coz I buy sniper but end up with not enough ammo or cash to buy any, to complete challenge. Done it every time now

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                      Thanks for the replies guys, Philip looking for tips on what to nab on the way too the 1k mark, but if I get the chance I want that too.


                      Youngblood, sounds like you played with a douche, I would have told him to sod off when it comes to searching, but if its that random I wont be getting it till I have spare teeth, but I have been told its about 2 arcs per game. And the slayer ammo is boosted by all of the different ammo upgrades with the stun chain effect taking all 4 damage types along for the ride But I have seen others say that the master scav is worth it just for an arc but with only 2 per mission it is defiantly going to be one I get later, but saying that everyone I have seen with it have got the arc pretty early and only mentioned having scav when they found a second.   


                      My girlfriend might grab the pistol arc as she doesn't often buy a gun other than for challenges.

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                        Well if you have the weapon specialist ability and your girlfriend has the one for the medic you could possibly purchase the class upgrade frequency boost which reduces the time you have to wait to use the ability again. That way you could use infinite ammo more often and your girlfriend can heal/revive you more regularly