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    Dutch players wants clan [PS3]

      Hello people my name is Heady-Nator,

      Im searching for a Call of Duty Ghost PS3 clan.

      I prefer a dutch clan but a English clan is also fine.


      Things to know about me:

      Just bought COD Ghost (doesnt mean im not good:D)

      K/d ratio atm: around 1.1

      Played all versions of Call of Duty with a K/d of 2+ (so it also will be 2+ on ghost) when i learn the maps better

      I got a headset

      My age is 22


      I love to play clanwars or just play with people for fun and map learning!


      So you think im something for your clan add me!!!!!

      PSN: Heady-Nator


      meet me ingame