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    Can' join ANY BO2 Servers, I own 2 season passes on 2 separate accounts and neither of them will work!! I NEED THIS FIXED TODAY AS I'M NOT RICH ENOUGH TO JUST GIVE MY MONEY AWAY. BF4 , HERE I COME.

      I have been trying for days and days now to connect to BO2 servers on my ps3. I have tried on both of my accounts that i own season passes on. I have deleted game data and re installed updates with no luck. It will go through the "searching for matches " and then it will say "trying to connect to match 0 of 50 " and  then just do the same thing over again. I have spent A LOT of money on BO2 and "2" Season passes and I am really really fed up. This issue must be resolved today as I don't have money to throw away. I am hard wired as well.  

      I guess its off to play some BF4 until I get a response. PLEASE HURRY UP AND HELP ME>

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