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    {PS3} Black Ops 2 Competitive Clan Recruit! (US Clan) [10 Slots Remaining]

      Welcome to the Drone Family!


      Hello everyone, this is a clan recruitment page set up for serious gamers looking to get into a competitive clan. Below we will list some requirements and other info need to join/apply for Drone. Just comment below with all slots, 1-9 filled out, what clan rank you think you should be and why, as well as your PSN username so we can accept your friend request/message! Also tell us any additional info that you think would help accept you into the clan!


      1. Must have over a 1.1 Kill/Death Ratio (KD)

      2. Must be an active member, which means being on for at least 1 hour a day for 3 - 4 days of the week.

      3. (Highly Recommended) To have a microphone for communicating with teammates.

      4. Must be 13+ (We don't want any annoying squeakers.)

      5. Must be cooperative and play well with a team.

      6. Tell us your timezone!

      7. No fighting with teammates, or not taking games seriously (unless told not to). This could result in a demotion.

      8. Keep swearing to a minimum. (No f bombs or the s, b, c, or n word, will result in automating demotion and possible ban!)

      9. HAVE FUN!!!!!!!

      10. Must Have a PSN username like DrOnE_FaLcOn, So something like DrOnE_WhAtEvEr (To show you are an official clan member!)


      -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------


      Clan Ranks:


      Leader: DrOnE_FaLcOn [1.19 KD]

      Co-Leader: PGA__1 [1.76 KD] (Soon to change name)





      Sargent: DrOnE_FYter [1.43 KD]






      We will constantly update on the ranks and slots as new players join the clan!

      There are 8/10 spots left!

      Add DrOnE_FaLcOn or PGA__1 on PSN With a message saying: I have filled out a form to join the Drone Clan.

      We will get back to you ASAP. Remember this is a group decision!