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    Being stuck with same players all the time

      In search and destroy I keep ending up playing with the same players all the time even though it says there are 16,000+ players playing S&D.

      I have the Revolution and Nuke Town DLC packs.


      Also it says there are 600+ people playing capture the flag, it will say searching 37 games then searching 2 games then dump me in a lobby by myself forever.


      My NAT is moderate and game connecton setting to any on PS3

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          Re: Being stuck with same players all the time

          Hey buddy,


          Think this may have something to do with the matchmaking process. Try to check this article, Activision Support


          Also, I think it is better if you set your NAT Type to Open.


          Hope this will help.

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              Re: Being stuck with same players all the time

              It has everything to do with the match-making process. SnD traditionally has a fairly low player population. That alone will substantially increase the likelihood of seeing the same players over and over. BO2 is also "last year's game" so the game itself has a relatively low player count, making the SnD player count that much lower.


              There's nothing you can do about it except get more people to play BO2 SnD.

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              Re: Being stuck with same players all the time

              This is a bit off your point but you should really try opening your NAT.  Search the BOII forum.  There is a guy a while back who linked a vid on how to do it easily.  I'll make a big difference in your game.  Your bullets will count and those guys you keep coming across will regret meeting you so much. 

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                Re: Being stuck with same players all the time

                Hello FiL_UK1,


                As what Yppecaye_the_Dogged said, you can try opening your ports by following the steps provided in this article:Activision Support (Port Forward and NAT FAQ).


                Hope this one helps. Thanks.

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                    Re: Being stuck with same players all the time

                    Yeah, I don't recall seeing the bit about your NAT being moderate previously. What Yppe said is very critical. The link SMW provided will help ... to get your NAT open, read any of the following three threads then go to the site linked beneath them ...


                    Falcon's Thread


                    FoxHound's Thread


                    Maccabi's Thread




                    Personally, I learned about how this stuff works through Macc's thread then used Fox's and Falcon's threads to actually do it. I think I asked Fox some questions about the actual ports, as well, that helped me finally get it right 100%.


                    In any case, even once you have all your ports forwarded, low player population may make it difficult to find a lobby sometimes. I am 60% certain that all three studios have implemented some new coding that forces players with similar connection types and qualities to play together (a recent interview with one of the SH devs all but confirmed my suspicion of this).


                    You've got to get that NAT open, bro.

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