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    Too Many Hackers Now. Please Fix


      MW3 is a game I still really enjoy and I tend to play this more than the two more recent CoD instalments and as this would seem to be the last instalment of the MW series for the foreseeable future. It would be nice if it could still be preserved. I therefore wish we could do something about the hackers that are slowly infecting the game by being invisible. If I got on for a four hour play session I typically come across around 2 or 3 people invisible and I honestly wish we could do something about it.


      We also seem to have hackers who can make you all spawn in a group and kill you.


      So can anything be done? Is using the in game report system doing anything? Or is this game going to go down the road of MW2 with more hackers than legit players...

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          I have spent most of the morning going through forums and hearing about hacks and how nothing is being done. I am gonna be honest and say like you MW3 to me still rocks. Black Ops 1 & 2 to bright and colourful to be a war game, all the guns sound the same and the manoeuvring is horrible. Then came ghosts a good game to play but online multiplayer yet again full of colour and not gritty looking enough and that is on my PS4. So MW3 is still my favourite.


          Right now on to the hacking and my stupid yes very stupid conspiracy theory. Today blatant as ever xxmanicsprayerxx and friends on PS3 done the invisible hack, and when the game finished I reported him around twenty times before the next game started. People on the microphones which I can only describe as cavemen with no education started swearing and using abusive as well as racist language which makes them worst than the actual hackers, but I understand they are angry, £45 to £100 depending on what version of the game you have and it is still for sale on the Playstation store, and they still are promoting it now Advance Warfare is coming out.


          So why are IW, SLEDGEHAMMER, ACTIVISION and all the partners not interested about hackers and the invisible and other hacks annoying us, because I believe they are involved and testing out new things. I hear you laughing and saying this guy is an idiot why would they do such a thing, my answer to that is go WATCH THE MULTIPLAYER TRAILER FOR ADVANCE WARFARE and tell me If I am going crazy. Every hack I have seen in MW3, MW2, BOPS, is in the new game, jumping high in the air, endless ammo, going invisible, running or moving at great speeds, shooting people mid air, the list goes on.


          So lets all go out and buy COD Hacker Warfare, as it seems the hackers might actually be the developers. A big conference and no one had the balls to ask THIS NEW GAME LOOKS LIKE ITS BEEN HACKED, and they are all meant to be big fans but cant see the obvious.


          this is why nothing is being done or like I said I'm just stupid.

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            Unless Activision brings in another team to handle and update the old games, nothing will be done. In-game reporting does help, but doesnt eliminate. The studios dont want to waste their time with their old games. Yeah, I know, its sad, but its true. Also, leave lobbies that have hackers in them; being in the same lobby can get you banned as well.

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                you wouldn't need a "team" to fix this stupid invisible hack.

                One guy working on it since it first appeared could have fixed this long ago, if they had so desired

                Its unacceptable that Activision lets their games become so hacked and just forgets about them

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                    Im saying a new team should be introduced by Activision to support all the past CODs. The current studios shouldnt waste their time with their old games when they are developing the new ones. Activision isnt poor by any means, so a new studio would be a good idea since it also offers jobs, probably to grad students looking to join the field.

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                  im one of them lol but give free unlock all for anybody thats chill
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                      These hackers r crap they run around invisible shutting down my kill streaks when i get rolling it pisses me off they run around thinking it's cool or sum shyyyt its weak i have 2 profiles my first one i played all the way thru never cheated n prestiged 21 times i have like 40 or 50 days playin time on that one my second profile prestiged 13 times never cheated still going but these hacks r ruining it it gets hella annoying n they get on the lobby after a match if they win or lose n run off at the mouth like they r good but need to hack cheat and spawn trap which is another loser tactic fluckin weak!!!!