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    Drone Clan Recruiting! [PS3] {6 Spots left!}

      Welcome to the Drone Family!


      Hello everyone, this is a clan recruitment page set up for serious gamers looking to get into a competitive clan. Below we will list some requirements and other info need to join/apply for Drone. Just comment below with all slots, 1-9 filled out, what clan rank you think you should be and why, as well as your PSN username so we can accept your friend request/message! Also tell us any additional info that you think would help accept you into the clan!


      1. Must have over a 1.1 Kill/Death Ratio (KD)

      2. Must be an active member, which means being on for at least 1 hour a day for 3 - 4 days of the week.

      3. (Highly Recommended) To have a microphone for communicating with teammates.

      4. Must be 13+ (We don't want any annoying squeakers.)

      5. Must be cooperative and play well with a team.

      6. Tell us your timezone!

      7. No fighting with teammates, or not taking games seriously (unless told not to). This could result in a demotion.

      8. Keep swearing to a minimum. (No f bombs or the s, b, c, or n word, will result in automating demotion and possible ban!)

      9. HAVE FUN!!!!!!!

      10. Must Have a PSN username like DrOnE_FaLcOn, So something like DrOnE_WhAtEvEr (To show you are an official clan member!)


      -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - ---------------------------------------------


      Clan Ranks:


      Leader: DrOnE_FaLcOn [1.19 KD]

      Co-Leader: PGA__1 [1.76 KD] (Soon to change name)

      Captain: DrOnE_FYter [2.13 KD]

      General: Beastly758 [2.04 KD] Soon to change name



      Sargent: DrOnE_oRTD13385 [1.04 KD]

      Soldier: DrOnE_ImMoRtAl [1.52 KD]





      We will constantly update on the ranks and slots as new players join the clan!

      There are 6/10 spots left!

      Add DrOnE_FaLcOn or PGA__1 on PSN With a message saying: I have filled out a form to join the Drone Clan.

      We will get back to you ASAP. Remember this is a group decision!

      There are also going to be 3 Teams, because we have 12 people. We will have our top team aka DrOnE_PrO who will consist of the best players that work together and cooperate well. We will have 2 teams by the name of DrOnE_AlPhA and DrOnE_BrAvO who will compete aswell as fighting against each other, We will have the next 2 best players, (most likely Commander and Officer) who will draft from the remaining amount of players to form their respective teams. Team Positions will always be moving and changing based on gameplay and how things go. We have some big plans for this clan, as we plan to get into tournaments, which all 3 of our teams could play in, and hope to keep this clan up and running for years to come!