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    [ps4][usa] [level 25] OverDrive Gaming building for Advanced Warfare, open recruitment. If you need a clan come check us out!

      Through the scope of your rifle you see the sweat beading on his forehead. His pupils are dilated, darting from side to side. Fear is in his eyes. As your finger eases on the trigger, the mechanism moving ever closer to a explosive climax, a satisfied grin comes to your face...

      OverDrive Gaming's COD division, WickedGuerrillas, Is looking to buildup the ranks in order to get ready for Advanced Warfare. I am looking for individuals who will stay committed to helping our organization. We have leadership opportunities up for grabs for the right kind of individuals that are dedicated. We are a laid back community that just likes to have fun and have people to play with.

      We are currently  supporting COD Ghosts, Advanced Warfare, along with Destiny. If you want to join a community that is looking to the future and has a great time playing together then stop by the website and check us out!

      Make sure to add gbstang on PSN. He is the LT Commander of PS4.  You can also message me  NINJA-OverDrive-   I am the Commander of our group

      Website registration and participation is not mandatory, but we are a community and would like to see you on the website.

      If you think this is the clan for you go to our website and check us out  http://www.xwgx.enjin.com  




      Minimum Requirements for New recruits


      Must be 18 years old

      Must have Mic

      Must have the COD App : We use this as our major form of communication outside the game

      minimum K/D of .85 : This can be overlooked if you are a team player through a few tryout games


      Have Fun! :  after all this is a game and we are all trying to have a good time.

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