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    Put your Game Designer Pants on... Let's Brainstorm a 3rd Game Mode for AW

      Ok, so Charlie Intel via the Aim Down Sights Show from GameSpot had Michael Condrey confirmed that the Co-Op mode is going to be 4 players, and that the markings on the AW themed XB1 controller have nothing to do with the Co-Op Mode.


      So, at this point, we have no announcement or viable clues as to what the new game mode is. So I figured, let's have fun. FOR THOSE LOOKING FOR NEWS ABOUT THE 3RD GAME MODE, THIS THREAD IS JUST FOR FUN, DON'T EXPECT ACTUAL NEWS ON THIS.


      So Zombies have been done, and that is Treyarch's thing anyways. Ghosts did Aliens. So those have been done. Let's leave those out. Give us your ideas, no matter how crazy (But if insane, help us understand how it would work in game). Work together, collaborate on ideas to perfect them. Go nuts. Be creative.


      My idea?


      The 4 person Co-Op mode as increasingly difficult tactical challenges. No occult or aliens. 4 guys given specific loadouts (could even have each assigned a role) and a mission to accomplish. Large, open world type maps (Similar to MP maps), each with a variety of missions and objectives to complete. Missions could be performed stealthily or as full out assaults.


      4 Team Tactical units facing off against AI soldiers/equipment to complete missions. Things like rescuing hostages, sabotaging weaponry/hacking into computers, escorting a VIP, retrieving intel, assassinating a High Value Target, etc. Could even have missions with multiple objectives. Every time your squad completes a mission you progress to the next level, missions get harder. Teams would have to infil into the missions and exfil once completed in order to be successful.


      I think this would be endlessly entertaining and a nod to the history and military background of the series.


      So share your ideas, elaborate on mine. This isn't a thread speculating on what the Mode will be, it is for us to enjoy being the Devs and creating what we think would be amazing. Who knows? One of us could create an idea that ends up being what we see in AW. Have fun!

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          Re: Put your Game Designer Pants on... Let's Brainstorm a 3rd Game Mode for AW

          OK - so I would have to come up with different names/titles to avoid copyright infringements, lols

          But for the sake of understanding I shall use the pop culture references.


          Judgement Day.

          Just like zombies the game mode is about round completion..

          The story would be about the rise of the machines.

          I don't think much explanation is required here. If you have seen the Terminator movies you would know about Skynet and how the machines became self aware.

          Obviously with each round the machines that you must defeat become more difficult.



          Is the above idea a rip-off ....yep. However, it would not be too difficult to change up the story line and names to make it unique.

          Regardless, the basic premise is humans vs robots/machines. Given that this is Advanced Warfare .... it makes sense,,,, well, as much as zombies and aliens do .

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              Re: Put your Game Designer Pants on... Let's Brainstorm a 3rd Game Mode for AW

              One of the ATLAS human test subjects gets out of control.(we already seen them Biolab MP map)

              He/She releases the others and creates chaos in the lab.They kill all of the ATLAS operators and doctors.

              The tests on them made them aggressive but they have mind and can think unlike zombies.

              They take hostages, use weapons , equipments , and even exo skeletons and exo suits!!!!

              Also they have superhuman abilities like super jump , super strength and super senses so they can easily find you if you sneak near them or if they hear gunshots.

              Like Extinction and unlike zombies you have objectives in this mode.For example: Rescue hostages and operators from them mutants and extract them on a specific place. Hostages are scientists and doctors and you must extract them. But operators can pick up guns and gears and help you in fighting the mutants.

              There are many types of mutants in game but i just name some of them:

              The basic mutants use their fists and can only melee you . They're easy to kill but dangerous at close range.They're fast and can double jump.

              Next mutants are more advanced and can use weapons and armors but not exo equipments.They have medium speed and health and can use melee in close range.They use all variants of weapons.

              Next mutants are much more advanced. They can use heavy weapons and exo skeletons. Some of them can cloak or hover. Using exo skeletons can give them SUPERSUPER strength.They can down you with only a melee attack and can jump 2 times better than you.They have fast speed and high health.

              and finaly the most powerful mutants. They usually use miniguns and heavy weapons.They wear exo Suits (Goliath suit).In close range they can down you with a single melee. They can see you through walls with Threat detection goggles.They are so much slow but some times they ram at you and they can't jump . They have extremely high health and can deal lots of damage.

              Some of them use rocketpods and Directed energy weapons.

              All of the exo equipments in this mode can disrupted by EMP. EMP can stop all of the actions of Goliath Mutants and make them very vulnerable to weapons.

              I already haven't choose any name for them and there are a lot more types of mutants.

              Like mp you can choose your loadout and level up and use kill streaks.

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                Re: Put your Game Designer Pants on... Let's Brainstorm a 3rd Game Mode for AW

                The names and faces have been changed to protect the innocent.


                And because our lawyers told us to.


                Good stuff!

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                  Re: Put your Game Designer Pants on... Let's Brainstorm a 3rd Game Mode for AW

                  It's gotta be Terminator for me. Because there hasn't been a decent Terminator game to date, I think this mode can fill that need. Not only could you have the T-1000 rip offs but also the flying drones and drop ships as well. Not a single game has captured the mythos of the post apocalyptic war from Terminator. Someone made a pretty convincing video mock up once that made me wet…. so now I want the real thing and this could be it!


                  I think each map should be open world. And I don't think the Terminators should have to break through boarded up windows, rather come in on dropships each round would be more fitting.

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                  Re: Put your Game Designer Pants on... Let's Brainstorm a 3rd Game Mode for AW

                  I'd like to see a puzzle mode where you have to figure out stuff to progress to the next level,but at the end of each level there is something you have to get past.It would be a mixture like resident evil where you have to figure out clues and mario bros bad guy at the end of each level.

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                    Re: Put your Game Designer Pants on... Let's Brainstorm a 3rd Game Mode for AW

                    checkers or chess.

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                      Re: Put your Game Designer Pants on... Let's Brainstorm a 3rd Game Mode for AW

                      I came up with a couple.


                      1. Make a large coop setting which requires you to complete one or more objectives.  However, litter the map with jump scares that can activate randomly.


                      2. Make an arcade style coop game similar to the one in BO1.  If not, you can set the game as a wave based "duck hunt" style game that gets progressively more difficult.

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