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    Not trying to beat a dead horse but....

      I know that no one knows what Advanced Warfare will have in it aside from campaign and multiplayer, and there's a lot of speculation. But here's an interesting article about another developer that is working with SHGames to make AW.   Raven Software is assisting SHGames in development of Advanced Warfare – Charlie INTEL: Call of Duty Advanced Warfare - …   at first it may be of no significance to anyone but when you look into it, this is what Raven software has done recently with the COD franchise  Raven Software - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. You can see they helped with Black Ops DLC and the user interface and Call of Duty Online. Which I'm more specifically pointing to this  Cyborg Rising - The Call of Duty Wiki - Black Ops II, Ghosts, and more!.  but I would love feedback because I think it's interesting and gives more credence to some of the rumors about cyborg zombies.