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    Future Extinction Updates That Need To Be Added

      Here is a list of things from all the maps that i have played that at certain times need to be fixed




      Sniper Rifle Challenge on hive 9 i believe needs to be lowered in kills needed. 25 Kills is a lot with 4 players so you need at least 3 people doing it or 2 really good snipers and most times when the Rhino appears all the other aliens disappear not an easy challenge when its mostly Hunters too. This challenge should be moved to the lower rounds.


      Nuke Countdown should have an automatic timer so if not every player presses square and meets up. Reason being is i have encountered trolls who will not press it and have had to wait over 30 minutes at times or just leave a match cause some loser wants to be a d_ck and not let anyone escape because he didnt like the way the match went.


      Leper Challenge sometimes he never even shows on the map even with Feral vision on and it shouldnt be a failed challenge if a sentry gun kills him by accident.


      Weapon Challenges should be counted towards players who only have the ability to carry a primary weapon. Not fair when you have a few players using Pistols only relic and expect the other players to get the full amount of kills needed to complete it.


      Drill glitch where player cant drop drill needs to be fixed. Only way to get the player to drop the drill is to go down.


      Locker Boxes should be on this to give the noobs a chance to get a weapon they can use instead of everyone fighting over attachments that are not common.




      Marked Alien challenge i have noticed a few times the last alien will hide so you cant kill him or even get to him.


      Sniper Rifle Challenge once again too late in the game to try this on Hunters and lots of Scorpions and the closest Sniper Rifle is the L115. Bolt action sniper rifle not easy to do this challenge unless you are very good at quick scoping.




      Dont Take Any Damage Challenge early in the map. First off unless you get a flare right from the start this challenge can be hard also this challenge shouldnt be on this map because everything is tight and closed doesnt leave you much space to get some distance.


      Locker Boxes more should be added early in the game for those that have Locker Keys




      Pistols Only Challenge almost always early in the map you dont get enough aliens to kill to even complete this.


      Gargoyle shooting you throu walls. My only down in this map have been because that damn gargoyle can shoot you thou walls but you cant kill him Hmmmm.


      Marked Alien Challenge again sometimes its the gargoyle and he hides in the wall so you cant kill him.


      Semi Automatic Rifle Challenge this challenge has been removed from other maps so why is it on this map. Comes up at the worst time too.


      Dont Take Any Damage Challenge again too closed in when this appears and Scorpions ruin it every time unless you have a flare and throw it right away and have your whole team together.


      GRENADE TURRETS!!!!!! I cant even begin to explain how annoying these are. NERF THEM!! Sick of joining random lobbies with so many players who have loadout with this. Its clear your running 5 or more relics if your loadout has this on it. Start the match put all your skill points on it and your IMS or Sentry gun to watch your back and sit in the corner the whole time not throwing any support or ammo down and taking every ones kills and not doing any challenges such as weapons because your running Pistols Only Relic. If you want to use this for High Score runs with your friends then go ahead but real skill is using your gun and running around.


      If i left any out feel free to comment. Im sure i did lol. I know many of you may not like some of my issues especially the Grenade Turret because all the youtubers use it.

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          1. Re: Future Extinction Updates That Need To Be Added

          Not grenade turrets they've been nerfed already and they don't need another. Sometimes it takes 2 shots to kill a scout!!! No grenade turret nerf again!!!! Deal with it, if you can't stop them then JOIN EM.

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            2. Re: Future Extinction Updates That Need To Be Added

            Sniper rifle challenge on Hive 9 is the worst with randoms. Two people could EASILY clear this but the thing is, usually the other two who don't buy a sniper rifle will decide to use their ARs and LMGs to kill all the scouts, all the scorpions. OR someone will sit on a Grenade Turret and take all the scout kills. THAT's what messes us up every time.


            Nuke count down automatic timer should be a reasonable wait time though - I would say 5 minutes before it starts. Reason is some players want to place sentries on the way or go and pick up a hypo knife they left on the ground. Plus, people will need the first 1 minute after hive clear to mop up remaining scorpions, and then everyone has to reload, pick up armor/ammo, etc.


            Alternative solution is simply to institute kicking. Maybe both. But if 3 players vote yes for one person, they get kicked.


            Lepers definitely show up on the map, it just likes hiding in weird places. But I do agree either change the description to "Kill the Leper in 30 seconds with your Gun" or allow Strike Packages to kill it.


            Weapon challenges are already lowered if people are running pistols only. 2 players with guns = 20 kills. 3-4 players = 25 kills.


            I agree, PoC needs lockers.



            Overall, I disagree with the rest - sure the challenges are tough, but that's what they are = challenges.


            On your comment about the GT:


            Your problem is that you are joining random lobbies. I suggest that YOU play with friends instead of asking OTHER people to play with friends.


            I feel like you're simply shunning a style of gameplay. Personally, I play with No Machines all the time, but it's not fair to ask others to do the same.


            Extinction is a cooperative game, so you can't take someone's kills. They're everyone's kills. I'm thoroughly annoyed at people who think they deserve to have kills. I run around with a Bulldog "stealing" the GT kills all the time, and I almost always outpace GT users.


            I've mentioned before, Pistols only means challenges are updated to reflect that.


            You say that real skill is using guns. Extinction skill is measured by your capability to help out teammates - so if someone is on the GT killing aliens, they are relieving pressure on their teammates, and thus helping out your team. If they aren't dropping team support, that's another problem.


            The reasoning for the uptick in GT recently is because of the update that allows more relics = more teeth. So more people are running 5+ relics and hiding behind the GT. So that's the real issue.


            GT is a dead topic, we've discussed this on the forum before, nerfing it is not going to happen again.

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              3. Re: Future Extinction Updates That Need To Be Added

              I will never join them simply because i have skill playing Extinction and dont need them to get my 300+ kills a game. Its boring sitting in a corner shooting grenades = No Skill Involved and they are the first to cry when someone doesnt throw them Armor.

              Last Edited: Aug 21, 2014 8:28 PM
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                4. Re: Future Extinction Updates That Need To Be Added

                You read my mind about the gt topic stuff.

                Last Edited: Aug 21, 2014 8:32 PM
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                  5. Re: Future Extinction Updates That Need To Be Added

                  I dont need help with GT users in my lobbies. I always run 3 relics, never go down, complete all challenges and always end up with the most kills in the match. I have played with most of the top players on PS3 and none of them use the GT. Too many people watch the youtubers and their lame ways of getting high scores. Like to see them get those high score runs with no GT. No fun sitting in a corner actually its pretty boring.

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                    6. Re: Future Extinction Updates That Need To Be Added

                    The grenade turret was un nerfed

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                      7. Re: Future Extinction Updates That Need To Be Added

                      What's your PSN, just want to look you up on the Leaderboards if you don't mind.

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                        8. Re: Future Extinction Updates That Need To Be Added

                        Yes me too... That is my play style and usual relic load, but what I'm saying is: just because you have a certain play style doesn't mean other people can't. You're telling me people copy you tubers, yet you are here telling everyone that they should play like you!

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                          9. Re: Future Extinction Updates That Need To Be Added

                          You don't realise that kills don't anything except for a few teeth. Who cares if they are 'stealing your kills', in actual fact they are lessening your chance of downing by removing them from the game! You should be happy!


                          Also, anyone who says the GT is 'easy' camping behind a corner obviously has never used them before. An effective GT strategy is a LOT harder than any other. I'm talking Vultures, Sentries and Riot shield, IMS etc. People who camp corners in GT's  don't get as many kills as you think unless the other players are bad themselves, have you thought of that before maybe?

                          As w1drose said, it won't be getting nerfed again, so don't bother.


                          On your other points, excluding the glitches such as the Gargoyles going through walls, I disagree with all of them, since I have never had the experiences you have before.


                          Your point on Leper challenges, I admit when I fail them because I know that they DO spawn every time, plus, it isn't hard to learn the spawns since NONE of the maps have random spawns, if you know the hive, you know where the aliens will come from.

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