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    Possible Return?

      as most of you know I did say I was going to leave and I had for several short weeks. but after some private communication with a select few that private msg'd back and such, I was kind of still around to begin with. most members who communicated with me were great and I got back the old vibe of helping others with my 'statistical' opinions and helped a few reach top 1,000's and such. also people had asked for score sheets on rare occasions and I am just letting you members know.


      I will post them back EVENTUALLY!

      I am re-writing them. I have a organized method about this and have 8 score sheets per map.

      I am also writing another document discussing some extra info people may not know about the game and such. I will try and de-code the game as much as I can.


      current date I have done PoC:








      I have written 4 sheets which are basic and you all can get straight to the chase however I am writing a more in-depth version than my previous sheets and will post both in the same thread. one will be a reply shortly after the creation of the post but i'll make that the standard numbers.

      the difference in the depth of my new sheets will have the different figures between teamwork, and personal skill. you all can see in both solo and co-op if you miss a bullet from your gun you lose so much score OR 10 relic runs you are unable to fill 1 category of teamwork resulting a score cap between 8 and 9. this is the reason why there never perfect scores due to this disability towards them.


      I know I am not the best player, but I am a very decent player and dedicated towards score runs so im atleast bringing these sheets back to the community on behalf of those members who treated me with respect after my farewell before. I also had a clear out on my friends list about a week back and removed everybody, whoever is on there now is either I sent back a request or they sent me a request but a month ago I had almost 80 members and currently under 20 remains.


      I will accept any xbox:360 friend requests as long as you send a message too letting me know whom you are etc. like forum member or something, because lately I had un-responsive players add me but I have no clue who they are and they were well aware of me asking them.

      GamerTag: VulturusMidnite

      Solo Score Runner, play for fun and open to helping others with any issues or requests.